Chapter Nineteen

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6:30 A.M

I got out of my bed and brushed my teeth and splashed a little water on my face to wake me up a little. Sometimes I hated the responsibilities that I had, but I owe it to those who take care of me. Before exiting the bathroom I took a washcloth and drenched it in warm water before wringing it out. I went in my little sister Kamaya's room and shook her shoulder a little, "Mymy... wake up. Come on it's time for school." Kamaya sat up rubbing her eyes furiously and I grabbed her hands, "Come on now, you know better. Here." I placed the rag over her eyes and rubbed them gently before taking her to the bathroom and getting her ready for the day.

When Kamaya was all dressed, I sat her in front of a bowl of cereal and then allowed myself some time to get ready. I didn't really have time to do a whole bunch of makeup or anything like that, so I just threw my school uniform on, filled in my eyebrows and put on some mascara, and fluffed my long hair out over my shoulders. By the time I was dressed, Kamaya was done with her breakfast and as usual I sat across from her at the dining room table waiting for the school bus to arrive.

"Sissy?" Kamaya spoke up, "What's up ma-ma?" I asked and she smiled showing off her missing tooth. I could almost laugh, "Will daddy be here when school's out?" I inwardly sighed. Kamaya always asked about our parents, and I understood that once people become a staple in a child's life it's hard for the child to move on when they are no longer there. But our situation was hard to explain. Kamaya moved to my side of the table.

When my little sister was three my parents took a trip that they never came back from. I didn't understand why, or what made them want to up and leave their daughters out of no where. But because of that I was left to look out for my little sister while we stayed at our grandmothers house. My grandmother is honestly our saving grace and if it weren't for her and my aunt Bee, Kamaya and I would probably be out somewhere on the streets. My folks ain't dead, but as far as I'm concerned they are to me.

"I don't know Mymy," I told her as I fixed the barrettes on the ends of her twisties. The bus honked from outside and I put her jacket and her bookbag on her before walking her outside. "Love you sissy!" She hugged my legs tightly before running onto the bus and I smiled and waved at her as it pulled off before returning inside. I washed Kamaya's dishes and grabbed and apple to sit down and eat. "Emoonnneee", my grandmother called and I put my fruit down and dragged myself back up the stairs and into the front bedroom.

"Ma'am?" I asked as I stood by her bed and she held onto my hand. My grandmother was old school and ma'am was one of the only acceptable responses around her house. "Hand mom mom that pill box over there and that cane please?" I gave her her medication and her cane before helping her out of bed and to the bathroom. I stood outside of the door picking at my nails before I helped her back to her room. She sat up as I turned on the light and got her house shoes for her. I followed behind her on the stairs and gave her some orange juice and as usual toasted a bagel for her and then sat back in my seat.

"You got a doctor's appointment today remember?" I asked her and she just nodded. "Do I need to meet you at the hospital after school?" She shook her head as she placed her cup on the table, "No Beatrise is picking me up. But I want you to get a few things for me at the grocery store and I need my refill from the Pharmacy picked up. It should be a couple of dollars over on that shelf."

After she finished her breakfast, I got rid of her dishes and helped her back up the stairs to get dressed. "You staying up here until aunt Bee gets here?" I asked and she told me yeah just as Jelissa texted me that she was outside. I turned the television on the news channel for her and kissed her cheek, "Love you, see you later." "Love you too sweet pea, have a good day." She chimed as I ran down the stairs. I threw out my half eaten apple and grabbed the shopping money before heading out the door and getting in my bestfriend's car.

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