~Adam's POV~

I wait on the couch, glancing at the clock every once in a while, waiting for the time to allow me to go and get Sarah. The clock reads 3:30. Okay, time to go get her.

I get into the car and drive to the school. Sarah waits outside, a large hoodie covering her face, her eyes consealed by black. She frowns and doesn't talk.

"Are you okay?" I ask, concerned. She pulls down the hoodie silently to reveal a bruised face. As I pull into the driveway I ask her "what happened?"

"I got punched in gym, it was an accident but it hurt." She replies, hoarsely whispering. I grab her face. "No. This was not an accident."

"Adam," she says, cheering up. "I gave him a good punch back, no worries." she smiles and goes inside. She can handle herself.

~Ty's POV~

I pull into the driveway, work was easy now that i've got the ropes. As I walked inside I was imedietly greeted with hugs. I hugged Adam back and went into my room, pulling off my work clothes and changing into real clothes.

I come back out and Sarah is lying on the couch, her face is bruised.

"What happened?!" I asked, concerned. Adam pulled me away before I could get an answer "Bullying problems, but it's gone now. She gave him a mark to remember."

I sat down beside her, "If he bothers you again, I'll give him these." I said as I pulled up my sleeve to reveal non-existant muscles. She rolls her eyes, "Rippling. giant, don't wanna mess with the Ty-rex." she says laughing. She goes into her room, leaving us alone.

"Muscley." Adam mumbles as he picks up a book from the side-table. "Well, I do work-out." I protest, flexing.

Adam gets up from his seat, "I have an idea."

~Adam's POV~

I go into the kitchen and look at the flyers strewn across the tables, picking a couple up I look through them, taking note ont he various places.

I finally decide on a restraunt and set the flyers back on the table for another time.

"Sarah!" I call out, she comes into the living room, book in hand. "Yes?" She asks, giving it an accent.

"We're going somewhere, special tonight." I tell her.

She freezes, her mouth hangs open. She looks like she just saw a ghost rise from the grave. The book falls to the floor.



Sorry this chapter is super-short, but I really had no ideas.

I'd just like to thank you guys for almost 6,000 reads. It really truely means alot. :) Thanks for all the support and suggestions.



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