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Pen Your Pride


A smile, a facial expression expressing joy, happiness, pleasure or amusement. It’s when your lips curve upwards or when your eyes wrinkle at the sides. So...

What makes you smile? 

 Your friends, your family, maybe your favourite song or perhaps the weather.                                                           

But, what takes away your smile?

Bad weather, fights, exams or maybe when life has taken yet another wrong turn.

Meet Delilah May Evans; she’s that bubbly girl, full of life, energy and happiness. She’s that one friend you can always count on to remember the little things, the one who is always there for you, the one who as much as she tries to she can never hate someone. She’s the friend who’ll tell you off for swearing, who’ll talk so much you feel your ears are about to blow, but listens silently when you need someone to vent too. But most importantly she’s the girl who never stops smiling, her laughter puts Beethoven to shame, the shine in her eyes makes the stars look dull. That’s just who Delilah is.

Delilah alongside everyone else changed overtime, except she’s changed into a new person. One that doesn’t laugh doesn’t feel happiness, someone that doesn’t even smile. So what happened to Delilah, better yet where did her smile vanish to?


So this is my first novel on wattpad, it’s a mystery/suspense, thriller that sort of thing. So vote comment and tell me what you guys think.

Thanks De2ire

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