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''Man I don't have time for this shit.'' I said pulling the trigger and aiming at this nigga knee caps.

''FUCK .... I don't know nothing.''The nigga said crying on the ground. I knew he was lying though that's exactly why I wasn't letting up on his ass.

Me and T been out and about trynna find some leads. I was sure Nikko had Alexis, but the nigga was ghost and he ain't reached out to neither one of us. I know T robbing his niggas was gone make shit worse, but he did shoot at T them I just wish he wouldn't have fucking involved me. All I know is taking my girl from me was taking it way too far its been 3 days and I haven't seen or talked to her. Not knowing if she was alive of not was killing me. I couldn't eat or sleep I was dead ass walking around looking and feeling horrible.

I just want my family back that's it and I was willing to do anything. I guess you can say I was a cold hearted mother fucker I can't even tell you how many people I killed because I lost count. I would never be the same Ace I was before all of this shit that happened and I was cool with that. Niggas was gone know not to fuck with me and mines and I meant that.

''Nigga we know yo ass lying just tell us and we might spare yo life. '' T said while I looked at him like he was crazy until he gave me a look back that I knew. We wasn't sparing this nigga life period. No witnesses no murder simple as that.

''I don't believe you.''The nigga said still crying. He was one of Nikko's corner boys and I knew he had to know something. It was clear that Nikko didn't give a fuck either because he still had niggas working like nothing was happening.

''Nigga you better speak the fuck up right now.'' I said aiming the gun at his other knee cap.

''SHIT ALRIGHT MAN.''He said sitting up while he sighed. ''I was one of the niggas who was apart of it B ... Nikko set it all and he got yo shorty I can't say where though.''He said.

At this point I lost it I was on this nigga ass throwing jabs at him left and right. I didn't know who I was I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror anymore. I bet if I could I wouldn't be able to recognize myself I was going crazy without Alexis I needed her with me her and the baby.

T pulled me off up him as I snatched away from him.

''What the fuck T?'' I yelled in his face.

''Nigga will you be easy he gone get his trust me , but first we gotta get as much info as we can outta him. You feel me?'' T said in a low tone while I nodded and looked back over to the nigga. His face was dripping in blood you think I gave a fuck though? HELL NO. I was ready to kill his ass especially after he told me he was apart of the whole thing.

I sighed before saying a word. ''What you mean you can't tell me where?'' I said clenching my jaw.

''Man I just can't ... I don't know where they are anyways Nikko ain't tell me all of that. ''He said looking down at the ground.

''I think you lying nigga.'' T said shooting his arm.

''FUCK.''He screamed.

''Start talking now motha fucka I'm not playing with you I will end yo ass.'' T said pointing the gun to his head.

''All I know is Nikko set it up .... And we helped man. He doing all this shit because of you. That's all I know man just let me go.''He said looking at T with tears in his eyes.

''WHAT NIGGA? I AINT TRYNNA HEAR THAT SHIT. Nikko fucked me over first.'' T said while I shook my head. I was getting real fed up and impatient.

At times I did blame T. I blamed him for getting me involved with him and Nikko I didn't need to be there with him when they linked up or did I have to be helping T do the shit he did. If I didn't get my girl back I planned on fucking his ass up on everything. I can't take back nothing I did now it is what it is all I want is Alexis and our baby to be in my arms again. Shit would definitely be different I'm not gone be fucking with T ass like that no more. I don't even now if I can trust him really.

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