Chapter 6

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The sunlight was breaking through the curtains as Connie began to stir, her initial thoughts falling to the warmth she felt surrounding her.

She squinted as she began to open her eyes, the light causing them pain instantly. Letting them flutter shut again she ran her hand across his chest softly. Leaning into him she moved her arm around him, pulling herself into his side.

Greg's arm still lay around her as they stayed entwined from the night before. With Connie's gentle movements he had began to wake feeling her in his arms once again. Without opening his eyes he sunk further down the bed pressing his lips to her temple as he groaned at being awake.

The corners of her lips turned up at his touch as she turned her head to kiss him. Greg lifted the hand from her back to her hair as she settled back down on his chest again. "Morning gorgeous, did you sleep alright?" She hummed in agreement lifting her leg over his as she titled her head up to glance at him. "You?" "How do you think, I had you again."

Rolling her eyes she caught him laughing at her response before kneeling up beside him. "You laughing at me?" He smirked moving his hands to rest beneath his head. Greg remained quiet keeping his eyes on her as she looked to the time behind him on the clock. "Have you got to be in?" Shaking her head he smiled slowly, moving a hand to her waist.

He lowered his eyes to glance over her body, his breath halting as they dropped. His hand trailed up over the lace material of her bra before running along the length of the strap over shoulder. "These are new, planning on impressing someone were we because if so it's working." Pulling her bottom lip in with her teeth she moved forwards to straddle his waist.

Connie moved her hands to his shoulders rocking gently forwards raising a groan from his lips. Her lips inches from his as his hands moved down over her bare skin. They ran down until they reached the top of her lace underwear, beginning to move over them and back again. A smile on her lips as he watched her intently. "You're good at that-" "What?" She spoke innocently as he moved his lips past hers to her neck. "Making someone want you more than they did before."

She laughed before he pressed his lips to her neck, his breath hot against her skin. He trailed his mouth across to her collarbone causing her to moan gently before he pushed her backwards until he leant over her. He pressed her hands down into the mattress before attaching his lips to hers fiercely.

Connie's back arched against the bed as his hands slowly moved down her body once again. When his lips pulled back from hers to press to her chest she gasped lifting a hand to his hair. "You have work..." "I don't think the boss will mind me being late." He spoke barely moving his lips from her skin, his breath sending shivers down her back as he continued to move.

His open mouth lowering over her toned stomach as she writhed beneath him. "Greg-" Her words elongated as he drew another moan from her lips. All the reasons for why she shouldn't be in this position falling from her mind. His hands ran down her thighs before she felt his warm breath blow across her skin as he laughed.

Connie groaned rolling her head to the side before lifting it to look down at him. He smirked looking back up to her, leaning up to capture her lips quickly before breaking from them again. His hands pushed into the lace underwear either side of her as he dropped them to the floor. His hand trailed across her thigh before moving back to her hip.

Throwing her head back she grasped at the sheets below her as her breathing quickly became erratic. "You're amazing-" "Stop talking already." Her back arched from the bed before he pressed a hand to her hip pushing her back down. He continued as he was, hearing Connie's breath catching in her throat. She quickly felt herself losing control of herself, crying out as he moved back to lean over her watching with a smile.

"What were you saying about work Mrs Beauchamp?" She reached a hand behind his neck pulling him down to her lips, complying with her instantly. Greg let his hands roam over her waist pushing up against her chest as he steadied himself above her. Pushing into her quickly she wrapped her arms around his neck deepening the kiss.

His hands stilled on her waist before he pressed one into the mattress beside her. The actions of the previous night were all a blur but this morning was far from that. Connie knew exactly what she was doing, memorising every touch and look.

Greg began to thrust quicker as his hand fell to her thigh holding her leg against his side, pushing further into her. The kiss was hungry as they felt themselves pushing the other over the edge. Finishing together her chest heaved while he remained over her, a soft kiss lingering on her lips before he dropped to her side.

Panting desperately Connie tried to catch her breath before turning slowly onto her front. He pulled a pillow down the bed before resting his head on it as he looked to her with a grin. She opened her mouth to speak but he beat her to it. "Don't tell me that I need to go and that we shouldn't have let this happen." Arching a brow she glanced down as his hand traced lightly over the small of her back. The smile dropped from her face as she looked to him again.

Greg sighed feeling he knew what was coming next. "I just figured you'd be needing a shower before you leave and was going to suggest joining you... But if you don't want me to speak I'll let you go alone." Rolling onto her back she looked up at the ceiling feeling the bed dip beside her as he got up.

He scooped her up from the bed causing a squeal to leave her lips as he turned towards the bathroom. Placing her down he stumbled back with her as their lips attached to each other's once again, the bathroom door shutting behind them as her laughter filled the room.

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