Chapter 19: Sitting

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(Isaias' POV)

As soon as I entered one of the top lounge bars in New York, the outdoor noises disappeared, and I was welcomed with the DJ's best club dance music mix played by their very famous DJ, Neon. The dim room, illuminated with different colorful lighting, is filled with drunk, tipsy, and eager-to-have-fun guests — perhaps guests who hide from their miserable lives — with their expensive colognes mixed with sweats, filled my nostrils. A relief to know that the bar is no smoking room, the alcohol mixed with different colognes is already suffocating, plus the sweats.

I scanned the room as soon as my eyes adjusted from the dim lights, guests conversing loudly so they could hear each other, the bartenders behind the bar counter — packed with guests waiting for their drinks being done by the bartenders — are busy mixing drinks all the while doing tricks to entertain their guests. My eyes darted to the huge dancing area, where packed with a drunk or tipsy crowd, gyrating with the beat of the sexy, flirty music. As far as I can see, I don't see my Angel doing the dirty dance with some random man, to my relief.

"Hi handsome!" a voice to my right side caught my attention. I snapped my head to her briefly, gave her a cold, dismissal glance before averting it towards the lounges closer to my sight, and there, I saw her. Everything seems to disperse around us when our eyes locked, and it's only her that was left. I felt my heart flip, and it's starting to do its ceremony again. Every time our eyes met, or when she's close, my heart feels like a goddamn drum, pounding loudly against my ribcage.

My Angel dressed in a red sexy dress, I so wanted to rip it off, and kiss every contour of her sexy body.

Just then I noticed the men sitting opposite her as I got closer. The other one who was eyeing her intently, and made my muscles tensing, my jaws rooted tightly as I fought the urge to grab him by his neck and rip his eyes off out of his sockets.

As soon as I stood closer to their table, I heard a baritone voice behind me. "Isaias Vitale!" I felt all eyes looking up at me.

I hesitantly turned to face the man, and there striding towards me was Carlos De La Vega, clad in his usual attire, gray crisp Armani buttoned down shirt paired with black trousers that fit him perfectly.

He's the owner of the Caveman lounge bars around the US and some other part of the world. One of our biggest and valued customers of our illegal beers, the biggest rival of the famous Long Beach bar.

"It's nice to see you?" he grinned broadly as he outstretched his hand, and I took it for a handshake.

"Hows the business going?" I asked as I pulled my hands away and shoved into my pockets.

"Booming," he shrugged nonchalantly. "Would you like to sit in the VIP lounge?" he added, glancing at the group behind me briefly. I shook my head shortly.

"I'm not staying longer, I'm just picking up my girlfriend," I said casually, as I turned behind me and caught Angel staring up at me with furrowed brows, briefly.

"In a red a dress?" he asked. I look back at him and nodded. I didn't miss the way his eyebrow shot up briefly, and caught that tinge of shocked in his face but promptly disappears. "I'm glad you're going the right way!" he chuckled as he patted my shoulder once softly. "Well, I'll leave you then, let me know if you need anything!" then once again, we shook hands before he turns on his heel and strolled off.

I turned to see the same eyes staring at me. Angel stood up, her face flushed, and I knew she's already tipsy, if not, drunk. She has this big silly smile plastered on her face. She scooted out of her seat, and I got to see her full frame in that red dress.

She looks absolutely stunning tonight, ravishing to be exact. I had to control my desire to ravish her there and then.

She stood closer to me which causing me to snapped out of my haywire thoughts.

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