Chapter 5

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"Let me take you for dinner tonight?" Connie raised a perfectly arched brow his direction as he turned the chair to face her properly. "Tell me you are joking." "Why would I be? Come on Connie it's not like it would be the first time we shared an evening with each other."

Leaning back in the chair she released a gentle breath, her eyes remaining on him. "If I say yes will you leave me alone?" He smirked seeing the unmissable smile flicker across her face. "I wouldn't count on it..." Watching him stand up and walk away with the smile still on his face she struggled to hide the emotion from her own face.

"He'll play you for an idiot." "Oh give it a rest love guru, I forgot you were the master of all things romantic." Her voice caustic as she stood up walking back to her office. Sam shut the folder he had been reading as he dropped his head glancing to where she had gone.

Connie managed to get through some of her work before there was an interrupting knock at the door. She let out a groan before calling them inside knowing it would be for her due to Elliot being away for the week.

When nothing was said she lifted her eyes to see Greg strolling inside the office. "Something you wanted Mr Douglas?" "Just thought I'd come and let you know I'd pick you up at seven." Lifting her head out of her paperwork she became comfortable in her chair while he sat opposite her. "And to say you look good in scrubs." "If wearing them makes you ask me to dinner then I'll remember to never put them on again."

He mocked laughter before standing up abruptly. Connie let her eyes follow him as he waltzed towards the door with a smile. "See you tonight Mrs Beauchamp." With yet another roll of her eyes she watched him leave. "Oh, and Connie? Wear something hot." He winked before letting the door close shutting out anything she could shout in response.

Dropping her pen to the desk she let her head fall into her hands quickly. Sam was right, she was setting herself up for failure again but she couldn't deny the part of her that wanted dinner with him tonight. Deciding that her mind was elsewhere, she began packing her things away to leave for the day.

As she made it outside the hospital, she noticed Sam across the road with his girlfriend. Her eyes lingered for a moment too long as he caught her watching them. Pulling open the car door she climbed in, setting off for the direction of home.

Having slipped on a tight black dress that emphasised her curves, she moved downstairs to let Greg inside. "You don't disappoint-" "Oh I'm glad you think so Mr Douglas." Her hands on her hips as his eyes scanned over her body and back, meeting with her eyes once again.

As they left her home she picked up her coat slipping her arms into it while following him to the taxi that was waiting. The restaurant they arrived at screamed high class and she knew instantly that this was not some cheap dinner.

After they had been seated she watched how he trained his eyes on her entirely. "So come on, what is this? Some attempt to get me back into bed? Did she abandon you already?" It was his turn to roll his eyes as he stretched out a hand across the table to take hers. Looking down at it he slowly laced his fingers through hers. "You never did let me explain anything to you..."

Connie dropped her eyes to their entwined hands beginning to feel guilty for not giving him the chance. "Then what are you waiting for?" He nodded keeping hold of her hand, oblivious to her eyes watching him. "I won't lie to you and say it didn't happen, we know it did. I don't know why, or what made me do it but I did-" "This doesn't count as explaining, just so we're clear."

He couldn't help but smirk at the attitude she had with him. "I realised long before this came out what I had lost. I knew that as soon as you found out, I'd be watching you walk away. That's when I knew you were what I wanted. Always was." When their eyes met this time, they could see what she had refused to admit still existed.

Connie lowered her eyes to their interlocked hands still. "You're asking me to trust you after all of this?" "I'm asking you to let me try and regain it." Biting her bottom lip she thought of everything that had happened between them, everything she knew should warn her away but it didn't seem to manifest itself in her answer.

She nodded her head gently, her eyes on the table. "Okay..." His eyes illuminated as she looked to him once again. He pulled his hand away as their food was bought over, the evening seemingly passing by in a flash as they laughed with one another like they always had. Like all the bits in between had never happened.

With the taxi paid for and driving away from her house, she found herself stumbling up the steps to her home as his hands held onto her waist their lips desperately pushing against the others. Connie's hands around his neck as she pulled him closer until he had her pressed against the front door.

Moving his hand into her pocket he plucked out her keys never breaking their contact. He pushed the key into the lock letting the door open as he moved inside with her throwing the door shut behind them. Dropping her keys to the table he pushed her coat from her body, discarding it to the floor.

Greg trailed his hands down her body before holding onto her thighs as he lifted her from the floor. Connie deepened the kiss as he carried her through the house towards the bedroom. Pushing his hands underneath her dress as she worked her way down the buttons of his shirt before pulling it from his body.

Connie moaned softly against his lips as his hands roamed her body hungrily. "I missed you." Her words were quiet and breathless as she desperately tried to catch her breath. Her forehead resting against his as he lifted the dress up and over her head.

Stepping backwards towards her bed she lay back carefully as he knelt over her, keeping the distance between them small. Their eyes on one another as he seemed to take the time to appreciate her. "I missed you too." He moved his lips closer to hers, capturing them as he pressed himself against her body feeling her arms loop around his neck.

Later that night she lay with her head resting against his chest, listening to the gentle thrumming of his heart. His hand ran through the short messy curls that splayed out against his chest. The other ran up and down her spine as the covers lay over them.

Her mind was blank, nothing but him filling her senses. Turning on to her front she lifted her head from where it lay to look at him. "You okay?" He ran a tender hand across her face pushing back her hair. A small smile  came to her lips before it faded. "I'm not going to hurt you again, I can't. You're something special Connie."

He kissed her slowly, something different to before. It was as though he was trying to convey every emotion he felt for her in that one kiss. Breaking from his lips she couldn't help the smile that was settled there instead. "Connie-" "Don't." He watched her before wrapping his arms around her placing a kiss to the top of her head. "At least sleep then." "Assuming you're spending the night are we?"

Greg smirked moving his lips to press to her neck. "Oh I assumed that as soon as I left that restaurant." She laughed lightly falling into him further as she relaxed. Somewhere along the lines both of them fell asleep, wrapped with one another still.

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