Satan's Pet ~Part 15~

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"What happened?" he asked.

"I don't want to talk about it. I'm going to bed," I mumbled and walked towards my bedroom.

I woke up the next morning screaming. I can't remember why I was screaming but I knew it was to do with Aidan's death.

When I got my screams under control I laid there for a while breathing calmly, when something red next to me caught my eye.

I looked next to me to see a single red rose resting on the pillow next to me. Anger filled me as I thought of the one person who would have given it to me.

I sat up and grabbed the rose, more anger filling me as I flung the duvet back and stormed towards the kitchen. I threw the rose into the bin, I was breathing heavily and my hands gripped the edge of the counter. I saw a knife sitting on the counter, picking it up I spun and threw it at the wall narrowly missing Nathanael's head.

"Serena! What the hell?" he yelled at me.

"Don't sneak in then! Use the door like any normal human would!" I screamed back at him.

His eyes widened in shock and in a blink he was in front of me grasping my arms.

"Get the hell off of me!" I yelled at him.

"You need to calm down, Serena, now," he told me in a calm but stern tone.

"Don't tell me what to do, Nathanael!" I continued to yell at him.

"You have red eyes, Serena!" He yelled over me, spinning to face the mirror.

I stopped when I saw my reflection. The girl in the mirror had the exact same features as me except for the bright, blood red eyes. My breathing calmed and slowly my eyes dimmed, turning violet then their usual bright blue.

I was breathing heavily, a few sobs escaped. "I'm sorry," I sobbed out.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Serena. None of this is your fault." Nathanael placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder. "Serena, I have something to tell you. Something about you and why this is happening."

My head snapped towards him. "What are you talking about?"

"We best sit down, it's a really long story," he said leading me over towards the sofa. "I guess it starts with the day I died," his voice was far away, back with that day I guessed. "My name was Nathanael Beelzebub," I snorted at the thought of an angel having the last name of the devil. "I had an older brother named Dominic. One night we were at a party, he drank too much. I tried to stop him from driving but well as you can see I didn't do a good job. At first I wasn't going to get into the car with him, I thought he wasn't really going to drive. But when he started the car I jumped in too. He was my brother I had to stick with him, you know, but as we were driving..." he paused, placing his head in his hands.

I placed my hand on his knee, he looked up at me and I urged him to go on.

"I can't remember how far we were from home or remember how fast we were going, but I don't know, one minute we were driving the next this girl was hit by our car and was flying over it. Dominic lost control of the car and we went spinning. Then everything was white, it was just me and the girl then someone was walking towards us. I never really believed in heaven or hell but when Gabriel told me what had happened, well I was in complete shock."

"Gabriel? You mean The Gabriel?" I asked, stunned.

"Yeah," Nathanael laughed. "Anyway I asked where my brother was, he just kept saying 'he won't be joining us'. Again I don't really remember a lot after that, I became an angel, learned about the council, was told my brother became the devil, was then told Aimee killed then was reincarnated into an angel that was her sister who gave her grace -" he ranted on.

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