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Writing the acknowledgments after finishing a ten month novel is extremely daunting. And I owe thanks to so many people in my life. First of all, I would love to thank my amazing and crazy supportive parents who remain, for always, my greatest supporters. For if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be the book-crazed, novel-writing eighteen-year-old I am today. To my brother Jacob, who pushes me to write even when the thought of looking at my computer screen makes me want to pull my hair out. My cousin, Kristen, whose helped me through my entire journey of becoming my writer. (PS: I know not everything I've ever written was worthy of your praise, but thank you for giving it anyways. <3) And last, but certainly not least, to the love of my life, Blake Shane. Thank you for listening to all my crazy book/chapter ideas whether we're in the car, or you're sleeping. It means more to me, you mean more to me, than you'll ever know.

Thank you, I adore you all.


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