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so i sink my canines directly into your subclavian vein hoping to taste the sweet sweet i'm going to puke sweet sugary blood for i'm an untamed beast. but my teeth are dissolving now because you didn't ooze sweet sweet oh so sweet sugary blood. your vein spurted out acid and now i'm burning, almost torn apart.

i am tearing myself apart on a sunday evening under the pink skies. my mom is raging and i'm getting sick with the cherry sap that's collected between my thighs. (darling, it was for you to bathe in) there's foam forming at my mouth and i truly do look like an untamed beast with my rancid smelling fingers covered in glitter.

you are speeding on the highway. getting your hair windswept and trying to find exhilaration even though i've fed you so many emotions every weekend. five more minutes and then you're gonna break down when our song starts playing.

this, however, does not stop me from writing odes to you, my favourite forgotten legend.

ps: star-crossed lovers aren't a thing.

god why am i doing this ?? get ready for an another round of pretentious nonsensical poetry by aaro. (just don't steal my shit makes me mad and all) ©

much love,
aaro x

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