Wondering Why Part 66

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Not because of the money side of it, but from the notations she found that Florence made in the ledgers which shed more light on what had happened in the past.

" That was one of the motivating factors to Agnes blackmailing Rupert into divorcing Florence and into marrying her instead. The Barton's were into experimenting with frozen embryo's, mainly that of the Joifield's. Both families go back for decades. There was mention of them both doing business together in the late seventeen hundreds, but something caused that to finish." Barb went on to mention after taking a sip from her cup of tea. The rest of us just waited for her or Jaxon to continue talking again.

"They had some success with the woman who gave birth to you, Reid. Medical records that John pulled from Daniel's birth mother showed that there had been some operational scarring on her stomach that had been performed on her some years prior to her giving birth to Daniel. We're still researching through all that, but it looks like Dr Barton had some good success in the IVF field. And you are the key, Reid. Which is now making you a target for the ones who have been trying to keep all that earlier information from the going public." Jaxon was explaining. But it was still hard trying to get a head around this new bit of news.

" But why get rid of the Joifield's?" I asked them in case they knew.

" Because it looks like the Joifield's had DNA that was more than truly viable to incorporate into someone else's other than that Midas touch that was mentioned. The eggs or sperm from a Joifield was very good and viable to freeze in a time when it was only very early in experimenting with." Barb had gone on to say, but I was still confused about it all.

" But I'm confused still. Why try and kill off the Joifield's if there was some benefit to gain by them?" I asked in a confused voice which had the others then thoughtfully look at each other.

" It could have something to do with all those other kids that had been taken and experimented on at the time when the girls had been kidnapped?" Reid mentioned in a quite voice as we all thought about it and the whole situation.

" But I still don't understand why the Joifield's are targeted." I kept muttering as I was trying to think. Then a thought came to me.

" Bobby was the last male Joifield, right? There hasn't been any more, has there?" I asked Micah who just nodded at me as he got a slight frown on his face as he was thinking about what I said.

" But there hasn't been any attempts on Joy after Bobby's death, has there?" I asked which had Micah's head suddenly lift to look at me.

" I don't think so. It wouldn't be something that Nan would hide from us. Or from pop either." Micah slowly went on to say.

" But wasn't it mentioned that Maggie and Ron were quick to move away from Armidale after all the publicizing of the events around Bobby's death and the fact that Maggie was pregnant with Bobby's baby at the time? To protect both Bobbie junior and the unborn baby from any further possible attacks, Ron was quick to marry Maggie and change everyone's names to his. That is what happened, isn't it?' I looked at both Jaxon and Micah who both nodded as they too leaned back against their seats as they both then looked at me wondering where I was going with this bit of news.

" Then Joy married John. Even though she mentioned that Joifield was a part of her name, it wasn't her surname when she married him. Her two older brothers kept the name Stevenson after finding out that they had the name Joifield on their birth certificates. Or at least Bobbie junior did since Jarrod had been kidnapped." I was murmuring to myself all the information that was filtering through my memories and mind at this moment with everyone else keeping quiet for a few moments as I put my thoughts together.

" The ledgers and diaries had disappeared for decades after the death of Florence. Possibly believed to be lost or destroyed over time after her death. But were packed and stored until now. There has been no action so to speak for years until now. How and why would that happen now?" I was wondering out loud.

" Because it wasn't until now that the truth is finally coming out and Dorn's company is out asking questions." Jill went on to add to the conversation which had me suddenly look up at her before looking around at the others.

" Then who was asked what by Dorn to cause this new bit of news coming to light?" I asked them as they all took noticed of what I said.

" That is a really good question. But I have to point out that none of this started to come to light until just after the Judge arrived back in America. So what would be he connection?" Jaxon was then asking as he thought about it.

" That's when our married would have been registered. It was one of the first things they would have done the moment they got back with all the legal paperwork." I went on to say to them all.

" So the moment the Joifield name would have been registered, someone would have noticed it if the name has been flagged some time ago by someone. But why?" I asked them again.

" That's a good question. But it sounds like it might have something to do with the ledgers and not necessarily the diaries since Florence only started writing them after Agnes was married to Rupert." Jill was saying which had me thinking again.

" No they didn't. She hid the first lot of diaries in a hidden room in the attic. Is there anything in them that could also shed light on everything that is happening?" I suggested to them about the first lot of memories that Florence shared, then hid.

" I think too that we should find out if possible about Jenkins records that they had when all this was happening. Wealthy landowners kept good records of just about everything." Micah went on to mention as well.

Jill was just about to say something when the phone suddenly rang which startled us all for a moment before Micah got to his feet and walked across the room to pick it up. The rest of us just watched as he had a conversation with I think is his grandmother. A moment later he hung up and returned to the table.

" Nan just went through all the pages of the ledgers and there was a discrepancy with one section. She wants to to look at the fourth one at the seventieth entry. She said that the copier cooled after printing and there were four pages that looked a little different from the others and she wants us to recheck them when we can. It was different enough to catch her attention and she hopes it doesn't mean much. But was worth checking out." he was saying to Barb who looked really tired at the moment. 

" I think we should call it a night. I'm still fighting the damn jet lag from all this travelling and Barb looks like she can hug a bed as well as me." I said to everyone with a smile. I have had enough at the moment and I think a good nights sleep will certainly help.

Everything comes back to those ledgers. Until we can understand exactly what they are for, I guess the puzzles will just keep coming along. 

" I'm going to bed. Goodnight everyone." I said after giving the girls a kiss on the way out the door. 

" We'll chat some more tomorrow. Some of Dorn's men are coming." Jill went on to say which surprised me for a moment.

"Good. he might have something for us to chew over." I said to her as I turned and walked out the door finally. But this time, it was with Reid who was quick to pick me up in to his arms the moment I started walking down towards where our room is leaving the others to murmur behind us. 

" Dorn's coming. That will be interesting if it is actually him that comes." I whispered as I lay me head against Reid shoulder and slowly closed my eyes.

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