Wondering Why Part 66

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8th January 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

" I always thought that you were a bit of a feral kid. You can be nasty as possum in a trap when you are riled up. I wasn't wrong about that either, was I?" Reid turned to me to say after I just let loose after hearing this latest bit of news.

" Give it up Reid. You were only pissed at me because you thought I was going to turn your kid into a feral like me, weren't you? So wipe the smile of your face before I make you." I snapped at him as I sat back on the chair I was sitting on with my arms crossed in front of me after hearing this latest news.

The others just smiled at this little display I was showing.

" That sounds familiar." I heard Micah mutter which has me quickly giving him a stink eye too.

It was bloody ridiculous Which it was. How on earth some people could get away with this kind of thing was beyond me. Especially now that Reid and I both carry the Joifield name after Reid changed his family name legally to Joifield.

I thought it was a good idea too with changing his name after listening to his reasoning's why he considered doing it in the first place.

But this latest bit of news was enough t piss any saint off and I was all for gunning for them, whoever they are. They can't hide forever even if they have had a few decades to do it in.

" So when do Jaxon and Barb arrive back in The States?" I asked them since I'm sure that Micah and Jill would know before us since they were coming here for their first stop once they arrived.

" We already are." I heard Barb say as she walked into the room behind us which had the rest of us twist to look at her and Jaxon as they came in through the door.

" You're here." I called out with a smile, losing some of that anger I was just feeling at seeing my friend. Who is now my cousin by marriage. I was actually feeling really good when I remembered that my two best friends after Jack were now related to me through marriage.

" We were able to get an earlier flight." Jaxon said as he came around the table to greet his cousin Micah before turning to Reid and greeted him before turning to us girls.

Which I thought for a brief moment was a little sexist. but I brushed it off since I know that the men in this family are very protective of their wives, mothers, daughter and nieces including their friends. I've seen it in action so I have no doubts about it.

After a few hugs and kisses, we settled back at the table again with fresh coffee in front of us. Not Barb though. She has taken a liking to having a cuppa tea lately after spending time in Australia.

" Alright. Spit it out." I said in a clipped tone of voice wanting to hear from Barb herself what has been found.

" We brought the diaries and the ledgers back with us. I read through the others after you left and wrote out all the pertinent information I thought would be relevant and Jullianne copied everything as well. We need to get them to Dorn's company for them to go through as well." She started to say this bit of news which I was aware of. But I wanted to know about this other business.

" Do we have any leads on who has been killing off the Joifield's over the years?" I asked her if there had been anything new that came up about it.

" There has been a bit of news which connected the ledgers to the diaries. From a few notations in the ledgers, it appears that Florence had read them and kept notes. She added names and places and even changed dates but gave reasons why. But it appears from what we have found out so far is that the Joifield men have had what the ledgers call 'The Midas Touch' which people assume causes their wealth. And the Bartons were involved since they were mentioned too many times to be a coincidence." Barb was sitting forward leaning on the table to tell us. We could see that she was a bit excited over this bit of information.

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