Chapter Twenty-Six: Back in La Push

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"Do you really have to go?" Connie asked watching Gabriela, she hated that this was happening and she wished that she had been able to talk her out of her plan to flee to La Push after what had happened.

It had barely been a couple of days since Gabriela had made the announcement that she planned to return to La Push along with Emma and Embry to get away from what had happened.

Gabriela rolled her eyes as she checked her bag, she had packed everything that she needed and she was curious about what it would be like returning to La Push after how she had left.

It had been over a month since she had last been there and Gabriela hoped that she wasn't going to be stepping on anyone's toes by coming back; she just wanted to grieve for Daniel and find out why some vampire had killed him.

"She'll be back before you know it," Michael murmured trying to reassure his wife, he didn't like this anymore than she did but if this was what Gabriela wanted to do then they had to let her go.

What had happened to Daniel had been horrible and while Michael known that there were problems with Gabriela and Daniel's relationship; this was not that they had planned for.

Connie glared at her husband, she wished that he would support her in this and convince Gabriela to stay here; she could only imagine what Diana would have to say about this.

Ignoring her mother, Gabriela turned her attention to saying her goodbyes to her sister; she wasn't in the mood to fight with her mother about this again.

Her decision had been made and Gabriela was just hoping that nothing would happen to her family while she was gone; the vampire had targeted Daniel for a reason and she hoped it wasn't her.

"I'll be back before you know it," Gabriela insisted offering her mother a look, she was tired of hearing her complain and try to convince her to not go.

She didn't care what Diana thought about any of this, Gabriela understood that the woman was grieving but that should have no bearing on the fact that she needed to get away from here.

The fact that they hadn't heard from Diana since before the funeral, didn't even surprise Gabriela; she had never been close with Daniel's mother and she was probably surrounding herself with people that would look after her.

Emma had grown tired of listening to her mother put her down because she was dating Embry; she had done her best to keep away from her unless she had to speak with her.

"I'll call when I get settled," Gabriela murmured hugging her parents, she peeked at Emma and Embry who had just finished checking in and she was glad that she wasn't doing this on her own.

It would have been so much harder for her to walk away from her family not knowing what lay ahead of her; she could only hope that this wasn't going to be the last time that she saw her family.

Embry wrapped an arm around Emma and watched the scene before him, he felt bad for having to push for this but the last thing that he wanted was to hear from Emma that Gabriela had been murdered.

The vampire was likely to come back and Embry doubted that they had finished with what they were doing; the attack on Daniel had been unexpected but that didn't mean that it hadn't been planned for a reason.

Gabriela pulled away from her parents before she started to walk away, she hoped to have more answers soon and she knew that the move that she was making was for the best.

There was no telling just what was going to happen but Gabriela felt like she was doing the right thing by returning to La Push.


The trip to La Push wasn't much different from the last time that Gabriela had made it, she had flipped through her magazine bored while Emma and Embry had whispered between them sneaking looks at her.

It wasn't until they had arrived in La Push that Gabriela started to get the feeling that she was being kept out of the loop; she couldn't help but wonder what was going on now.

Emma had just announced that she would be staying with Embry when the news was dropped that the pack had decided that it would be best if she stayed with Billy Black while she was in La Push.

There was silence in the car at the announcement and Gabriela had no idea how to respond to the idea; she felt a little surprised that she would be staying with him and not Jacob.

Gabriela wasn't sure why she felt so disappointed that she wouldn't be staying with Jacob; she guessed it was for the best that there was some space between them right now.

Embry stared at her in the mirror as he drove down the street towards the house, he was sure that she would be comfortable with Billy and after what had happened it would be better for her.

Jacob was keeping himself busy now that he didn't have Nessie in his life, no one had truly been surprised with how things had fallen apart for their friend.

Nessie was very much her mother's daughter and it had been a matter of time before she wanted something that Jacob couldn't give her.

Pulling the car to a stop outside of the house, Embry offered a look towards Emma before he climbed out of the car; it wasn't going to be easy but he hoped that things would be okay now.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Emma called gently as Gabriela climbed from the car, she wasn't sure how her friend would handle any of this but she hoped that she would be okay here.

Embry quickly pulled Gabriela's suitcase from the boot of his car, she would want to get settled and he couldn't imagine what was going to happen while she was here.

Gabriela didn't say a word as she followed Embry up the drive to the house, she had a lot of memories about the place and she felt a little odd coming back here after what had happened to her.

Billy was already opening the front door as the two of them approached his home, a firm look on his face as he looked past Embry and at the young woman that would be sharing his home with him for a while.

It had been a long time since he had seen Gabriela Wilson and Billy could only imagine how she was feeling after the brutal murder of her fiancé.

The news had come to La Push quickly and Billy knew that whatever reason a vampire had done this, that there was every chance that it wasn't done.

Gabriela would be the next target that was for sure and Billy was glad that she had returned to La Push; she was a family friend and he was convinced that the ancestors weren't done with their plans for her just yet.

"It's nice to see you again Gabriela... even under such circumstances," Billy greeted gently, he remembered how he had felt after his late wife Sarah had died and he doubted that Gabriela would be ready to deal with anyone else right now.

They had originally thought about having Gabriela staying with Jacob, it might do them some good to be around one another but considering the fact that Daniel had just been murdered they wanted to give Gabriela some space right now.

The last thing that anyone wanted to do was upset Gabriela more than needed, she had found her fiancé after he had been slaughtered and it would take time for her to be okay after what had happened.

They needed to focus on keeping her safe now in case the vampire did attempt to find and kill her.

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