|Cody Carson| "I Should Have Known."

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You and Cody were close, very close, the two of you had been the best of friends for years now

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You and Cody were close, very close, the two of you had been the best of friends for years now. However, he had a girlfriend, and you knew he didn't like you that way. So you made yourself think about him as a friend and nothing more. It hurt to think of him more than that.

However his girlfriend was a jealous type, she hated it if you hung around him, she got mad, she'd hit you on a few occasions. You told Cody you were just clumsy. Over and over again. There was one occasion where Cody stormed into your house after he had seen you, he thought you were in a relationship with someone abusive. But it was his girlfriend who was abusing you for caring about him. Recently you've had your suspicions about her cheating. You saw her with another man. They were cuddling and flirting with each other; you couldn't stand it, knowing that Cody was head over heels for this girl and she was treating him like shit. You wanted to record it and show him, but you couldn't hurt him. He was happy. Happier than he'd ever been.

You brought yourself away from your thoughts from a phone ringing. You sighed and stood up walking to the drawers which the phone led on,


"Hey Y/N, sorry to disturb you but do you mind coming in for an hour or so?" Your boss called down the phone.

"Yeah sure that's fine, be there in ten." You smiled as you talked on the phone.

You glanced around outside as you sighed, sinking into the seat of your car slightly. You looked over the street and smiled slightly, seeing Cody's house. Your heart sank slightly as you continued to drive away. You looked at your mirror and noticed Casey walk out the house, In a bad mood. You slowed the car and pulled in.

You knew she'd done something as you noticed the door slam.

"What did you do to him?"

She shrugged and smirked slightly.

"I'm sure he'll be back and apologize, he's like a pathetic little puppy..."

Rage boiled inside you as you growled lightly.

"You, you're a spoiled little brat... Do you know how much he loved you? Oh, wait you don't because you were busy cheating with another man, women like you don't deserve people like him."

You moved past her; she glared at you before launching herself at you, you felt your head hit the ground as you screamed out. She grabbed your head and threw it on the ground. You winced and glared at her, your eyes glimmering with water. You wheezed as she kicked your stomach. She grabbed you by your shirt and pulled you up, grasping your neck tightly in her hands. You choked and cried out loudly. She laughed at you before throwing you to the ground, she hovered above you, her hands still tightly wrapped around your neck.

"Aw poor little Cody. Shame he's so easy to manipulate, he doesn't give a shit about you, he only loves me. I have other men as well darling." She released her hand from your throat and punched you firmly in the face. You growled and was about to lash out at her.

The door opened revealing Cody who came out to see what was going on; his face changed from confused to hurt as he looked at you, the blood on your face. Casey was hovering above you ready to lay another punch on you. You placed your hands over your eyes cowering. As Casey looked over, she stood up looking at Cody who now glared at her. She rolled her eyes and quickly walked away, getting in her car. You rolled on to your side and whimpered quietly as you coughed and wheezed, your back faced Cody as you hear the hurried footsteps run towards you. You felt his hands gently shake you.

"Hey, Y/N. Come on let's get you inside."

You cried out in pain.

"Cody it hurts."

"I know, I know." He hushed.

You glanced over your shoulder slightly as he lifted you up.

"Stay away from me, and stay a way from Y/N. You cheating bitch!" Cody yelled towards Casey who glared towards you both.

Cody placed you gently on the couch, laying your head on his lap. He grabbed a first aid kit from the table next to you both and took some cleaner and gently dabbed it with a piece of cotton. The blood was seeping into the material. You winced and flinched due to the sharp pain in your head. You squeezed your eyes shut, and a tear fell down your face.

"I'm so sorry..." Cody sighed hugging your shaking form

You looked up a little bit and smiled faintly.

"I'm fine, just a little bit bruised- Agh!" You winced as Cody placed his hand on your stomach.

"Ah sorry, I think she's broken a rib Y/N." He gently applied pressure to the same area causing you to writhe in pain.

You meant into his chest and listened to his shaky breathing; it seemed agitated.

"Cody are you okay?"

"I should have known..."

At this point you sat upright, looking into his eyes where a tear fell. You embraced him as tightly as you could.

"It was her all along..."


"It was her who was hitting you Y/N... Wasn't it?"

You glanced away, slightly ashamed.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't think you'd believe me... You were so happy. That's all I've wanted for you... I've always wanted you to be happy."

He glanced at you and embraced you himself.

"Y/N... I was so worried that I was going to lose you... Especially after she and I hit it off. I'm so sorry..."

You smiled hesitantly and glanced at his lips for a few moments before blushing heavily. He glanced at your eyes and watched them look towards his; his eyes glanced towards your lips now before he gently leaned in, kissing you gently. You smiled. Your lips moved together in sync.

"Tip: Marry your best friend."

You giggled at his comment and pulled away hugging him tightly

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