Chapter 4

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Your POV

"Y/N it's time to get up.You don't want to miss your first day at school"My mom shouted.I groaned."I thought I had put an alarm"I murmured to myself.I got out of bed and reached the bathroom.

There I saw ready clothes and a towel on top of the toilet seat."Mom"I said before skipping into the shower.

Ten minutes later I got out and dried myself.I put on the clothes that my mom gave me.There were some black skinny jeans with F/C short sleeve shirt.I put my F/C trainers on and headed down stairs to the kitchen were my mom was happily handing me some breakfast.

"Good morning sweetheart"My mom sang happily and I stuffed some of my toast in my mouth."Why are you so happy today mom?"I asked her curious cause usually she would just get me a box of cereal out with milk.

She would never make french toast.She really was in a good mood."Well me and your father found a job and we will be going for an interview while you'll be at school."She said and I smiled to her.

"Woah that was fast"I said surprise and she giggled."Anyways I gotta go I'll see you after."I said but before heading out my father stopped me.

"We might come late so if we are not here after you come from school don't be scared."He told me and I smiled.

"Okay bye good luck on your interview"I told them and they waved at me blowing me a kiss.I giggled and went out.

I started walking to school.It wasn't really far away.A ten minute walk to school was actually pretty relaxing.Once I reached the gates I felt something hard hitting me sending me on the floor.

"Oh I'm so sorry.I wasn't looking were I was going.I'm really clumsy"A female voice told me giving me a hand.I gladly took it and got up.

Once I was up my eyes landed on her.She had bluebell eyes and her hair was blue and they were into two pig tales.

"It's okay.I'm actually kind of glad to bump into someone otherwise I wouldn't start a conversation with anyone"I told her and we both giggled.

"I'm Marinette"She introduced her name.

"Y/N'I told her and we shook our hands.

"So I was wondering if you could show me to the principals office so I could get my schedule?"I asked her and she nodded happily.

"Of course"She said and we headed inside.While we were walking we got to know a little bit each other.

Once we reached the office she showed me the door and told me that she would now go to her class.I nodded slightly because I didn't want to go by myself but I understood.I nodded and we waved to each other.Soon I found myself knocking on the door.

I went inside and after about ten to fifteen minutes I was walking in the hallways trying to find my first classroom.I finally found it and gladly Marinette was in it.I walked inside and Marinette waved to me gesturing me to come next to her.

The teacher wasn't there yet so we waited and she introduced me to a girl with ombre brown her and glasses."Hey girl my name is Alya"She said.

"My name is Y/N"I told her and we started talking until a boy with blond her and green eyes came in the room.He sat in front of us and Alya tapped him on the shoulder.He turned around and saw us.

I don't know why but he blushed when he saw me."Adrien this is Y/N Y/N this is Adrien"We shook our hands and I smiled to him.He smiled back and we started talking.Soon the teacher came and gestured me to come next to her.

"Good morning students.Today we have a knew student.Could you say something about yourself?"She asked sweetly and I nodded.

"Hello everyone my name is Y/N L/N and I like to sketch and sing.I hope we could all be good friends."I waved to them.Most of them waved back as the others smiled to me except for a blond and a orange haired girls who didn't do neither.

"Very well since Nino is absence today please sit next to Adrien"She told me and I nodded.I sat next to Adrien and smiled to him.He smiled back and I took my books and notebooks out and payed attention to the lesson.

Soon lunch break had came and we all went outside.We sat down on a table and the four of us started talking and Alya asking all the time questions for me to answer.

"So from where did you come Y/N?She asked me curious.

"Oh I'm from C/N (City Name)" I told her smiling.She nodded and then scooted next to me.She took out her phone and showed me a picture.

"Do you know that there are superheroes in Paris?"She asked."Yes I just heard about them yesterday!"I told her excited about that topic.

"Well there are two"She told me and gave me her phone to see the image better.

"Yeah I actually met the cat one yesterday,I think his name is Chat Noir right?"I told her and she nodded.I didn't know why but I could see Adrien blushing and Marinette looked at me curious.

"How did you meet him?"Marinette asked and I blushed remembering the hitting and screaming.

"Well he was at my roof and he fell down on my balcony scaring me."I told them and then blushed embarrassed.

"I woke up by the sudden noise at the middle of the night and I went out side with a frying pan on my hands so I could hit the thief because I didn't know who it was"I told them and Alya shot up.

"Why did you have a frying pan in your room?"Alya asked.

"Well I'm always scared if a thief will come in my room.I need to be ready for everything"I told them.I sighed and continued with confidence.

"So I quickly opened the door and without hesitation I smacked him on the head"I told them and they gasped.

"He just turned around and whined out of pain.Then when I saw his face I started screaming and hitting him saying 'help there a thief on my balcony'.He tried to explain to me who he was and that he fell but I kept screaming and hitting.After seeing that I wouldn't listen to him he took a hold on my arm and clasped his palm on my lips calming me down and explaining to me who he was and what he was doing on my balcony."I told them my little story and they all burst into laughter.

"Is he okay" Marinette asked me."Thankfully he is.I'm surprised that he didn't have a bruise after that"I told them and they calmed down.

"Well they do fight worse things than just a pan in the head"Adrien said and the bell rang signaling us to go to our next class.

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