I'm trying to distract myself with happy thoughts and I don't even notice when the snarls and whimpers die down. Suddenly, I feel arms wrap around my body, lifting me off the ground. I open my eyes hesitantly to see Braxton looking down at me with worry.

"You're naked," is the first thing I mumble.

Braxton smiles slightly, but his eyes remain angry and serious. "I am."

I swallow nervously. "Were you the black wolf?"

Braxton nods, not saying anything.

"Did you kill the gray wolf?" I ask, hoping that the answer won't be the same.

Braxton nods again, looking at me with emotions in his eyes that I can't decipher.

My heartrate increases dramatically. "Why?" I ask quietly.

I almost don't want Braxton to explain his reasons, partly because his actions were so brutal, but also because I think that I know the answer to my own question. Werewolves clearly have different morals, ones that more closely align with the four-legged beast than with humans. The wolf encroached on his territory, tried to attack his pack. I try to reassure myself with this, but it's not helping much.

"I wasn't planning on killing any of them," Braxton admits. "I wanted to take them to the prison, figure out why they were here. We managed to do that with the first few. But once Noah told me that there were rogues in our home, my wolf took over. And then I heard you scream, and saw you underneath him. I couldn't stop my wolf. Not that I wanted to."

"Oh," I murmur, not knowing what else to say. Alright you ripped someone to shreds, great job! I don't think so. Inside, I understand why he did what he did, but I can't say that I am okay with it by any means.

"How much does your arm hurt?" Braxton asks, changing the subject.

"Like a lot but I don't think it's broken. I'll be fine," I tell him. People always say that you will know it when you break a bone. And I don't think that it hurts enough to be a break.

"I'll let the doctor be the judge of that," Braxton tells me seriously, almost like he doesn't believe me.

"Doctor?" I question, furrowing my eyes. I notice that we are out of the trees and Braxton is headed straight for the large building in the center. The place where I met him.

"Yes. I'm not letting my hurt mate be in any more pain that she has to be."

I blush at his words and try to focus on my surroundings. We are nearing the large building.

"What is this place?" I ask as Braxton carries me through the front door.

"It's the pack house. It's like a common place for everyone in the pack. There's a lot of living space, a large kitchen, large dining room, some game rooms, and the pack hospital. There's also some offices, like mine that you where in before. Most of the space is where the lower pack members live. A little like a hotel, but much larger and nicer," Braxton explains.

"Why do you need it?" I question.

"Wolves are pack animals. We are stronger together. This helps us to exist as one cohesive and strong pack," Braxton replies as he starts to walk up some stairs.

"Okay," I nod.

Braxton takes me to the third level of the pack house and pushes open two big double doors. Inside are several hospital beds and nurses running around. I see an elementary aged child in one of the beds and a guy who looks to be in his mid-twenties in another. Other than them and the nurses, the place is empty.

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