tuesday afternoon

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Isak was laying in his bed shaking. He stayed home today, feeling terrible. He had high fever, his throat hurt so bad he couldn't speak or swallow..and on top of it all his head hurt- he felt like hundred little drummers were lock inside his head playing as loud as possible.

A day earlier he felt he was catching something, but was hoping nothing serious..it all started at night.. he woke up completely wet. He went to the bathroom to change clothes and dry himself. When he came back he was surprised to see Even awake, changing sheets..
'hi, i woke up when you left to the bathroom..i wanted to come and ask if you are ok but i felt that your side of the bed is completely wet. So i opened the window to get some fresh air, and i changed sheets. Lay down and I'll make you some tea'
'you..you don't need to be doing all that..go back to bed so you won't be to tired in the morning ' said Isak quietly.
Even saw how hard it was for Isak to even speak.
'stop worrying about my sleep Isak..lay down..i'll bring you spray for the throat and something to drink..'
'yeah but..you need your sleep to'
'can i please take care of you for once?'
Isak saw Even was getting angry so he stayed quiet. And to be honest he liked the idea of Even taking care of him..

In the morning Even woke up earlier then usually.. he prepared all the medicine he thought Isak would need and made a big kettle of tea, with honey and lemon. He brought all that to their room, prepared everything on Isaks nightstand including plenty of paper tissues. He kiss him on the forehead and left for school. While walking to school he called Isaks mom and asked her if she could make some soup for Isak. He explained what was up with Isak and asked if she could call to school about his absence.Isaks mom told him she will make the soup and will bring it to Isak, but was afraid she would wake him up. Even told her Linn was home and he will let her know she is coming.
Coming to school alone was weird for Even. He got so used to holding Isaks hand.. During the lunch break he called Linn to ask how was his boyfriend. Linn told him Isak was sleeping. His mom brought soup -enough soup for two days a least-and Isak ate a bit and went back to bed again.
Guys joined Even in cafeteria and helped Even loosen a bit. Even told them Isak is sick and Magnus offered that he can come to his place later so that he doesn't catch something from Isak. He thanked him for the offer but said he can't leave Isak alone. Magnus put one hand over Evens arms saying 'i thought you'll say that..Isak is lucky to have you'
'i'm lucky to have him..believe me i'm the lucky one Magnus'.

After school Even stopped in the farmacy to get a few things he thought could help Isak and then almost ran home.
Linn was watching tv when he came home.
'hi, he was sleeping a few minutes ago when i checked '
'thank you Linn'
He opened the door quietly, took a few clothes and wanted to take a shower when he heard 'Even?'
'hei you..how do you feel' he sat to the bed next to Isak and touched his cheek.
'i'm better..i mean my throat is better..i had to change clothes a few time..but my head doesn't hurt so much as yesterday '
'glad to hear you are better..i missed you at school '
'thank you for calling my mom..her soup is the best..i ate it two times already'
Even stood up again 'i need to take a shower..you just rest and i'll be back in a few minutes.'
He was so happy Isak liked his mom coming, and he was even happier seeing him better then in the morning. Thinking about all that he went into the shower, his mind was flying away when he felt hands at his waist 'what the fuck?'
He turned around and saw Isak standing half way in the shower already.
'what are you doing Isak? you should be resting '
'i was thinking of taking the shower since this morning..i'm sweating like crazy and need some hot shower..you here is just a bonus' Isak smiled saying that.
'fine but we take a quick shower and then you are straight back in bed..and no guffying around Isak!'
'fine fine..you have no idea what you are missing '
'i know..trust me i know' said Even while concentrating on not looking at Isaks naked body next to him..and Isaks hands on him didn't help at all 'Isak i said shower and back to bed'.. but Isak didn't listen..He came even closer to Even, leaving no place between them. 'i promise i will go back to bed soon' kissing Evens belly area already..besides..you once said only i can make amazing things happen while showering '. Even smiled, horny as hell looking down at Isak who was doing some amazing things with his tongue 'jeez Isak you are killing me'.

After the shower Isak went to bed as promised and Even went to the kitchen to make tea and warm up the soup. Bringing everything back to the room he had to laugh at what he saw. Isak was sitting in the bed, laptop on his thighs, sleeping. He put down the tray, took laptop off Isaks hands and gently woke him up 'hei pretty boy wake up soup is ready'. Isak opened his eyes 'i wasn't sleeping..i was daydreaming..'
'daydreaming? tell me more' Even said giving the soup to Isak.
'nothing special..we were still in the shower..but this time you went down on me ' Isak blushed saying it loud.
'why didn't you say anything?'
'because you were rushing me out of the shower as fast as possible '
'i didn't know' Even took the soup back to the tray, getting some weird looks from Isak 'i think i can warm the soup again later'.
'well i wouldn't want your daydream to just stay a daydream' saying that Even was already under the bedspread kissing Isaks belly, hands already removing the underwear. Isak smiled, closed his eyes and just enjoyed the moment..

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