|Hiccup| "I've Missed This."

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Noir flew around, and you watched her form spin as she plummeted towards the water

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Noir flew around, and you watched her form spin as she plummeted towards the water. You raised both hands above your head, and she soared up. You jumped in happiness as she flew towards you. Noir was a rare black version of the infamous Death Song, and She's a full 22.8 meters tall from tail to her horn, Towering over any human. She was a beauty and rarer than you could imagine. Perhaps even rarer than the famous. Night Fury. The best thing was, she was yours.

You've been alone, nearly your entire life. However, you had dragons around you. You were Y/N L/N a dragon tamer, granted no one knew of you but, that didn't matter. Recently, you found out that there was another Death Song, reeking havoc on an island called Berk, you decided you would pay them a visit and see what you could do, after all, you owned a rare one of their kind.

You waited until Noir finished, you continued to map out the islands nearby, trying to find Berk, you nodded at the paper as it told you to go North. You whistled for Noir loudly; she roared flying over to you. You climbed on her back. She took off swiftly as soon as you pointed the way to go. Around an hour later the island came into view, you smiled in joy as you ordered Noir to land on the docks. She soared down quickly. Citizens screamed in horror as you landed the dragon softly on the waterfront. You dismounted and removed your black leather helmet placing it into a side pocket on Noirs' saddle. You petted her nose and commanded her to stay as she was. She nodded her head, laying down. People of Berk looked towards you, then her. You smiled and walked up towards the teen with brown hair.

"Ah hello Y/N, I'm um Hiccup." He smiled outstretching his hand, your e/c eyes looked into his as you took his hand shaking it. Your eyes widened for a few moments. He seemed puzzled.

"It seems you don't recognize me, Hiccup... It's Y/N... Y/N L/N..." You smiled walking back over to Noir while talking to the teen. You looked back at his shocked face.

"Y/N Where have you been all this time?" He began

When you were young, or at least younger, you and the boy were good friends, practically inseparable. When no one would lesson to him, you were there, when he met Toothless, you were there. Hence your fascination in dragons. However, Noir was possessive, she got jealous when you worked with other dragons, so the only thing she could do was take you away, far away.

"I can't explain. But, I may not be able to stay here... Anyway what seems to be the problem?"

Hiccup continued to stare at you in awe; it was rumored that the boy had a crush on you, you never paid attention, it wasn't that you didn't care, you just loved your dragons, you loved researching them. Hiccup eventually snapped out his trance.

"Well we have a Death Song taking our livest- Is that a black Death Song?" He exclaimed. You smiled and nodded.

"The only one of her kind." You began mounting her, Unhooking her from the docks. You mounted her and assisted Hiccup. You kicked Noirs side gently she purred quietly and soared up into the air. Hiccup directed you towards the Death Song.

"Hmm, it's a mother, we're going to need backup..." You mumbled as you forced Noir to land, quite a distance away from the drake.

Hiccup looked at the Death Song. "I'll be back in a few moments, wait here." He began. You nodded your head and watched him leave, running back towards the center of the village. You grabbed Noirs reins and brought her up. You flew around the mother Death Song and watched her. She looked after one egg. You were puzzled, due to the fact Death Songs tended to have at least five offspring. Never one.

You flew around some more, edging your way closer. The scene you saw was deeply upsetting; you noticed the cracked eggs, spread on the grass, which once belonged to small dragons. You flew down and gently picked up a shell, it was hollowed out, you sighed and looked towards the Death Song. She was mourning. You stepped closer Noir by your side in case things went wrong. The Death Song roared loudly towards you, you stepped back and knelt down.

"I'm not here to hurt you; I'm here to help you." You began to crawl over bowing your head slowly; Death Songs had been known to want respect. You knelt to her level and gently placed your hand out in front of you. She roared viciously and ran towards you, her teeth unsheathed her claws ready to swipe. She leaped up.

"Y/N!" A voice cried.

The darkness that's all you could see, you felt around you feeling nothing but, scales. You glanced towards a small crack of light. You began to pry it open with your hands. You, stuck behind the Death Songs wing.

"Y/N?" The concerned Hiccup began, you looked towards him and smiled climbing out from the gap of the wing, you placed your hand gently on the Death Wings nose.

"She must have got spooked. She was only keeping me safe."

You looked towards Hiccup and noticed the large black dragon with obnoxious green eyes. You beamed towards him well known night fury before running to him, he perked up and leaped at you.

"Toothless!" You cried embracing the great night fury. He made a quiet purr sound while you looked into his big green, cat like eyes. He leaned his head into yours; you pressed your forehead against the dragons smiling.

"Nice to see you bud." You smiled petting his nose once more.

You looked towards Hiccup and smiled. "Hey umm, this is going to be awkward but could we just talk. Alone. For a few moments."

"Um yeah sure." You saw him redden slightly, causing your face to deepen into a red shade.

You took him by the arm and walked to the cliff side, sitting down, he followed suit. You looked towards him looking into his eyes, you blushed once more and glanced away.

"So, when I used to live here... People said you liked me. Is it true, because since then, and since I left... I couldn't help but feel like I upset you..."

He stuttered, blushing harshly.

"U...um yeah, I mean... I guess. I... S...I suppose I still do... Even when you were gone, I always hoped you'd come back, and I knew you would."

You looked towards him as he took your hand in his.

"You know... I've missed this... I've missed you; I loved you so much I just didn't know how to tell you, I was young..." You sighed, "I still love you now." You blushed. You gently led your head on Hiccups shoulder, he relaxed and kissed the top of your head, you smiled and looked towards the sunset, Toothless and Noir sat together.

Things were going to get better now that he was here.

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