|Booker DeWitt| "Welcome Home."

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(Trying this a little differently at the moment)

Booker had always been an emotionless man, and it was hard to get any valuable emotion through him, in the end, the girl gave up. She loved this man, but his past of losing his wife, prevented her ever making him happy as he used to be. For that, Y/N felt useless. She unintentionally fell in love with him; she faced danger when she was around him. Even so, the girl never left his side She continually tried to lift his spirits; he always put her back down unintentionally. Even though she was wanted for following the intent of 'The False Shepard' she didn't care, she cared for him, and that was final. Even if he only used her. She just acted as his 'body guard'.

However the girl was completely different, Y/N L/N was a girl who always looked after others. She came from the Sodum Below. No one knew much about her, all they knew is she came from there. No one knows the reason why she appeared in Columbia. She just appeared at the light house one night as a small child. A woman brought her through, Raised her, but not as a religious citizen... That caused her 'mothers' death... She was found out, not to be supporting their religion and sent to death, you've been a secret since. People thought she leaped off Columbia. Others thought she got put to death in secret. What with laws and things like that. No one knew that she was who she was today. The only thing that she still had from then was a small Pentagram mark on her neck, Which she covered with a scarf.

The pair walked through a large crowd of people; their heads hung low. She had H/C H/L hair and E/C eyes, a crossbow on her back imprinted with her initials. She wore a pair of black leather pants with a dark blue vest top and a woven jacket over the top; a choker hung on her neck, a charm of a cage/dove resting on it. (If you're unfamiliar with Cage/Dove, In the game, you choose a Cage, or a Dove and Elizabeth wears the choker with the one you chose. Hence I'm giving you a choice). He was different, he wore striped pants, with a black button up shirt. A navy blue denim jacket rested on his shoulders. A red neck tie around his throat, he had gray, blue eyes and brown hair. A pistol rested in his holster that was attached to his leg. His hand was imprinted with the letters AD.

The girl walked by his side; he rarely glanced at her. He didn't hate her; he was very fond of the girl, he just, didn't portray emotions too often. At all in fact.

"Over there, The False Shepard." A gunman yelled.

The two knew the signal all too well, so they ran. Y/N was lagging slightly behind. She took her crossbow looking through the scope, waiting. She hid in a dark corner until they heard no more. She loaded it and aimed it towards a gunman, she fired. The man fell from the roof, dead. Booker began to shoot, knocking shooters from the roofs. She emerged and what happened next would change something in Booker.

The girl was brought to a mass amount of pain. She looked towards the source. A ripping sensation flowed throughout her stomach. A bullet rested on her side, burying itself. All she could do was stand and stare. Being around The False Shepard she was now used to blood, but seeing her own, this was different. She soon began to collapse, black dots invading her vision like flies. She let out a small cry, hoping to alert the male. He emerged from his hiding spot, searching for his 'lamb.' As he saw her, something in him clicked. He'd been hurt many times, physically and emotionally, it least bothered him now, it bothered her more. Now, it pained him, a lot. The amount of time he'd spent with this girl had changed him. The way her voice soothed him, after a traumatizing event. The way she was always there, in the shadows protecting him. The fact that he put her in danger angered him.

She looked towards him, smiling faintly. "Go. I knew what... *Wheeze* I was getting myself into... *Cough* When I agreed to come with you."

He looked towards her as she knelt to the floor, grasping her side as she wheezed. He ran over, kneeling by her side gently applying pressure to the wound.

"Leave me, Booker... I'm not worth your med kits." She coughed as he looked into her E/C eyes as they begun to dull in their color.

"Y/N... I don't care... I'm helping you."

"Booker DeWitt... Over these last few months I've been traveling with you, it's been a thrill. I'll always be with you. *Wheeze* Right here." She raised her hand to his chest patting it slowly. She looked back up to him, gasping for every breath she could take. She smiled and led back down, shaking.

Booker looked at the pained girl and reached for a med kit from his backpack. He continued to apply pressure to the wound; she struggled under his firm grasp, he looked at her.

"Y/N stop it..." He warned her. He loved her. He was just so scared of what could happen to her, after what happened to his wife. He was afraid of getting close to someone. She glanced at the wound, and she soon led still. Unconscious. Booker quickly sealed up the wound placing a large bandage over it. He retreated into an abandoned house gently laying her limp, sleeping body on the ground. He sat by her side, gently stroking her hair as he whispered to her.

"I'm sorry I got you in this mess Y/N."

He sighed getting up, looking around the house stocking up. He walked in various rooms until stopping in one. He looked at a photo of a woman and a child. The child bore a Pentagram on her neck. He glanced at it and then back over at the sleeping female, wondering for a few moments. He looked around more, taking a diary from the drawer. It talked about a daughter that she found at the lighthouse. A girl that wasn't hers yet she loved it as her own. He read on. It then read.

"They're coming for me today; I'll have her hide... The events that are to come are all my fault..." He read out quietly. He walked back to Y/N kneeling by her side once more, gently pulling at the black scarf around her neck. The same Pentagram cut into her neck. Just like in the picture.

After hours of him anxiously waiting, the females eyes slowly began to open. Y/N looked up at him and smiled softly. He looked towards her and smiled. She'd never seen him smile. It almost scared her to see him like this.

Booker slipped a photo into her hand. The picture of her and her mother, he stood from his place and looked around, turning on some lights.

"Welcome home..." He looked towards her, as he eyes widened at the photo.

"Of all the places." She scoffed slightly, smiling to herself.

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