;chapter five

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Joey's pov
today is now Friday. the week went by really fast cause it was fun. Ally & I hang out almost everyday now & we're best friends & I've fallen for her even more. I don't know if she knows I like her but I drop hints by saying she looks pretty or whatever but nothing too big.

i texted her at 12:30 letting her know I was picking her up from school. "i'm gonna pick you up today & we're gonna hang out x" she texted back immediately saying "ok x"
———– skip to a little later ———–
rn i'm in the school parking lot waiting for her to get out.

oh jesus please help me, Madyson's coming over to my car. "hey babe! I haven't seen you in a while!"-Madyson. "uh yeah." i said not wanted to takk to her. where is Ally? i want to go.

"so did you finally come to get me back?"-Madyson. "no" I said answering her question. Alaska Grace Breckenridge where tf are you?!

"then why are you here?" people were staring at us but then I saw Ally & started the car, ready to drive away. I pointed at her as Ally flipped her hair. wow that timing tho. ahh she's so gorgeous. "all I see over there is a slutty bitch with no ass."-Madyson said annoyed & confused. "don't call Ally a slut or a bitch, because she's not. & you're the one with no ass here." she stood there with her jaw dropped. "i can't believe you like her!!!"-Madyson. "deal with it bitch"

Ally finally got to the car & put her stuff in the car then got in. "hey!"-A. "hey." I said kinda pissed. I drove off with a tight grip on the wheel because i was mad.

"Joey are you ok?"-A. "yeah i'm fine." I said annoyed. "chill. what's wrong?"-A. "i said i'm fine Ally." "Joey." she said as she put her hand on mine. my grip immediately loosened & I became less frustrated.

"please tell me."-A. I told her everything that happened & she asked why I was so mad still cause she doesn't care what Madison thinks of her.

we pulled up at my house & walked over to hers. "come on, there's no one here so we can talk."-A. we went in her house & sat on the couch.

"so why were you mad?"-A. "because i used to date Madison." "you did?" she said with wide eyes. "yeah & I have no idea why. it just makes me really mad because when we were dating I would never stop her from saying things like that to people but I realized i should have & because I care about you, I can't let her do that." "well thank you Joey" she said & brought me in a hug.

"k so what are we gonna do now?"-A. "I originally planned for us to go to the beach with Charles, my guy friend Tayler," i said cause i didn't want her thinking he was a girl. "& you can invite whoever you want." "oh ok sounds fun. I'll go get my stuff."-A.

she started going up the stairs but stopped. "Tayler Holder right?"-A. "yeah. i thought u were gonna think he was a girl." "nope. i watched all your youtube videos a while ago & all the jayler ones. your relationship with him is funny."-A. "oh thank u." i said as she continued up the stairs.

I really want today to be fun cause I leave tmr to go on tour for 3 months.


ooo he's going away! what's gonna happen? i know that if joey was my friend, i would never want him to leave me ever haha

last night i went to the gym & tried something new & now my body is so fucking sore. ugh.

anyways, hope y'all liked it. sorry it's short but i'm really tired rn. so bye! xx

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