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Lieutenant Alan Stewart stood numbly in the dock as the charges were read out against him.



Attempted rape.

The court official was a civilian, an older man, tall and thin with white hair and his dry, expressionless voice made the words even more shocking. Stewart stared straight ahead, not meeting the eyes of anyone else in the small court room, especially the hurt, furious eyes of the victim's father, a man he had previously called friend.

Lang kept his gaze riveted on the accused. Somebody had brought him his dark blue dress uniform but he no longer looked like the confidant, professional officer that he was. In fact he looked exhausted, his dark brown hair flat against his head, his skin pale and grey, exaggerating the scratches on his face. Lang continued to glare fiercely at him, trying to force him to meet his gaze, see the accusation in his eyes, make him admit what he had done.

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