1. I Already Don't Like You

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  "Just so we're clear, I'm the president of the Foster fan club. And we're closed to new members."I growled.

  I observed Tam as he and Sophie had what they thought was a secret conversation. But I wasn't blind.

  Tam's face turned red, which was obvious since he was pretty pale. He stared me straight in the eye."Oh I don't- I had no interest in that. I don't know what makes you say that but uh, I guess I gave off the wrong impression. No offense!"He stuttered.

  Inwardly, I smirked at his discomfort beneath my gaze. I watched the Shade fidget and look off into the distance, trying to avoid me.

  I felt the emotions of everyone around me. Biana felt her usual compassion towards me. Foster was a bundle of anxiety, determination, and embarrassment. Fitz was secretly admiring Sophie, I could tell because he had the strongest sense of passion wafting off of him. Dex was jealous, glaring at the so called "Wonderboy". I could never decipher Mr.Forkle's emotions, which I understand. Linh was terrified of the amount of people around her.

  But what irritated me the most was how I felt nothing come from Tam. If I was left alone in a room with him, which is unlikely I hope, I'd feel nothing but an empty abyss of darkness. He had some form of barrier that kept me from reading his emotions. He was unpredictable, I couldn't anticipate anything.

  I eyed Tam up and down, stepping closer to him. Sophie placed her hand on my chest to push me away from him. I relaxed, running my hand through my perfectly mussed hair. I didn't like Sophie, if that's why you think I backed down. I respected my close friend's boundaries.

  And one of them just happened to be around that goddamn Shade. Even if I wanted to strangle the life out of him, I wasn't going to do anything.

  Mr. Forkle began to lead us to the forest that was dying. Dex slowed down to walk next to me. "I don't like Tam..he's really.."The Technopath started.

  "Creepy."I finished. He nodded, his periwinkle eyes glittering with a hint of fear.

  "Don't worry Dex, I'll take care of you."I reassured the younger elf.

  He looked off and I looked straight as we walked. All of a sudden I felt something warm slide itself into my hand. I looked down. I saw Dex intertwining his fingers with mine, gripping my hand tightly. He inched closer and rested his head on my arm. Like we were a couple. (ahHHAHHH HHHhhh *ships Kex so hard* *ships everything KOTLC gay related*)

  My face flushed red and I rubbed the back of my neck nervously. I saw a shadow slowly stretch towards me. I looked up and noticed Tam's face. He looked a little..angry. His gaze was fixated on our linked hands. I shook it off and pulled Dex even closer.

  "So, you're that kind of elf?"

  I looked around. Tam seemed to be moving his lips. I narrowed my eyes.

  "So? What's it mean to you?"I muttered, not wanting Dex to hear me.

  Tam smirked. "Well, you've got a pretty face. I'd take you as someone who's got girls everywhere."

  My eyes widened a little and I hid my blush by bowing my head. Did he just call me pretty? How could he assume such a thing of me though.. It was true, girls all over Foxfire were in love with me. Same with Fitz. Dynamic duo of lady killers. But I really didn't have it in me to tell any of them the truth.

  I wasn't a settle down guy anyways.

  "Why are you so concerned with my sexuality, Bangs Boy?"

  I waited for a reply but it never came. I smirked in victory and happily walked on. I let go of Dex when we got to the river. Linh raised the water and walked across the river to the other side. I strode to Tam's side. I cast him a smug side glance since we were the same height.

  "Your sister is an impressive Hydrokinetic."I complimented. She seemed to be able to hold her own, and Tam was just a clingy brother who thought she couldn't take care of herself.

  Tam glared at me with his silvery blue eyes. All of a sudden, the empty abyss poured out feelings. Not good ones, as you'd imagine. Feelings of loathe, deep fiery murderous loathe. And an instinctive protection mode was turned on inside Tam.

  "Don't you even think about touching my sister, Sencen. Or I'll read you right now and expose your deepest darkest secrets to everyone."He threatened, his voice dropping an entire octave.

  As he seethed at me, I took in the details of his foreign appearing face. His eyebrows weren't thin but they weren't thick. And they were the essential component to his expressions. His silvery blue eyes were hard and cold, like a menacing stalagmite. His pale skin seemed to have never seen the sun, probably a result of his constant practice as a Shade.

  Although his threat was a little terrifying, and the exact reason I didn't trust him, I simply smiled at him.

  "Oh you don't have to worry about that, Tam! I'm not that kind of elf, now am I?"I mocked, wiggling my eyebrows as I got into his face. I snorted and returned to my pose.

  I didn't like my father, the way he always aimed to be perfect. But I always stand like him without noticing. Head held high, like I had purpose. That was when I wanted to prove my dominance. Which wasn't often. But I truly felt like my place was being threatened by the Shade.

  Tam muttered under his breath and his negatives disappeared back into the abyss. And once again, I got nothing but static when I searched his radio station for even a slightest hum of a song.

  When I gave up the search, I directed my gaze back to Sophie and the rest of the group.

  "Mr. Sencen, I have a mission for you tomorrow."Mr. Forkle inquired. My eyes lit up like lightbulbs near Sophie that could detect anxiety.

  Please tell me this is a solo mission..

  If it isn't obvious, I don't get too much time to myself. I know being an elf means I have an infinite life span, meaning I literally have all the time on the world to have moments to myself, but as a blossoming teenager..I needed to discover myself. And secretly plot pranks to uncover all of Mr. Forkle's identities.

  "I would like you and Mr.Song to come and take down notes on how the grove reacts to different things."

  My stomach dropped.

  This was ridiculous. It was already obvious how much I abhorred his existence. And he was the same towards me. He didn't want anything to do with me. I didn't want to have anything to do with him.

  And Mr.Forkle decided he doesn't care. I sighed heavily. He just signed my death warrant...Loki in a pretty pink glitter pen. I looked over at Tam. He seemed to have been examining me. But the anger was still evident.

  "I hate you."I reminded.

  "I hate you too." 

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