3: Wildest Dream.

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"Let's do this." Sam whispered with a smile. Sam held her clutch and we both turned around to exit her car.

"Wait, your phone." Sam said suddenly halting me. She opened her clutch and handed me my phone which was vibrating.

"Witch." She said with distaste.

I sighed, my happy mood dipped at the phone call. I took my phone and answered. "Yes?" I was not in a mood to listen to her.

"Where are you?" Giselle snarled from the other side of the call.

I raised an eyebrow at her question. "And since when did I start answering your questions?" I snapped at her annoyed.

"Watch that tone, young lady." Giselle hissed.

I snorted, caring less what she says. "What do you want?" I asked not wanting to talk to her any longer.

"Didn't I tell you I am having a guest over and I want you to serve?" Giselle whisper yelled at me.

I rolled my eyes at her. "So? You have other maids for that and last time I checked I don't work for you."

"You don't but your mother does and never forget what I can do to you and your sweet lovely mother." Her voice was extra sweet which I had because it was fake, it was more fake that her nose, boobs and ass combined.

"Fine I will be there." I sighed in defeat and I saw Sam looking at me apologetically. I smiled back at her in return and continued talking with the witch. "But I can't come now. I will be there by 11 pm."

I heard Giselle snort unattractively. "Like it's up to you to decide." She laughed probably knowing she got me. "I want you to be here by 9pm at the most. My guest would be here at 9:30 pm and I want you to receive them."

I gritted my teeth in anger. She knew I have school tomorrow and her such kind of parties last till midnight making me stay awake as long as the party was going on.

My hand formed into a fist and I breathed in deeply. It was almost 8pm now for God's sake and only one hour for me in this masquerade party? Like hell, I would let her win.

"No, I can't make it at 9. I would be there around 9:30pm." I said standing my ground.

Giselle laughed again which was again a fake one. "Oh darling, I'll let you be. But be here at 9:35 pm tops or you won't like what I would do." Her voice turned dark at the end.

I ended the call having enough of her fake laugh and screechy voice.

Sam rubbed my shoulders smiling sadly at me. I sighed, my mood now dampened by Giselle's phone call. "You heard everything." I muttered shrugging.

I blew out a breath and leaned by head back on the seat. "We still have a party to attend to." Sam said trying to divert and make my mood better.

"But I have to get at the mansion by-"

"I know and I would drop you off. We will get out of this party by 9:20. You don't worry." Sam smiled widely at me.

I smiled back and nodded. "Okay."

We both got out of the car and walked around to link our arms. We both had wide smiles on our faces as we made our way in the hall where the party was gonna take place.

Giselle at the back of my mind.

The music was booming through the speakers and everyone was dressed up pretty and handsome with interesting masks on.

"This is gonna be a fun night." Sam yelled in my ear due to the loud music.

"I am sure it would be." I yelled back.

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