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The three fates teleported themselves back to their domain after attending Aurea and Thanatos' wedding.

They carefully took the black and gold thread which was now intertwined and set it in the middle of the grand tapestry of life. Then, they let the spools free for the destiny of the Princess of the Underworld and the God of Death were now in their hands.

They were now free to make their own decisions and live their lives without interference from the Fates.

They earned it after everything they've been through.

They took a few minutes to watch how beautiful the two threads are. The gold was a beautiful contrast to the black and the black made the gold shine brighter. Truly, it was a perfect match for those two and they were very proud of their handiwork.

Now, which threads should they weave a pattern for next?

They ran their hands over their loom and waited for one thread to call out to them.

Clotho flinched when her hands encountered two threads that were severely tangled. Her sister, Lachesis pulled it out of the weave and Atropos took her time inspecting it.

She held in her hands two interwoven threades which were full of knots. The first thread was an electric blue color and the second one was made of crimson. They knew these threads belonged to gods but they lacked the vibrancy that the other gods had. It meant that the bond between the two threads were already fading...

The three of them gasped when they figured out who these once vibrant threads belonged to.

The King and Queen of the Gods; Zeus and Hera.




Thanks to everyone who joined me on my journey as I wrote Thanatos and Aurea's story. I hope you enjoyed it! I also hope you'll continue supporting my other stories. :)

Today, January 16, 2014 (1 year and eight days after I finished writing How to be a Queen) this story is now marked as completed. 367,641 reads, 15,311 votes and 2,514 comments later, Thanatos and Aurea's love story ends. <3'

Once again, thanks for the support! :)




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