|Tenth Doctor| "I'm The Mistress."

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You paced around your Tardis, thinking of what to do next

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You paced around your Tardis, thinking of what to do next. You sighed leaning against it, listening to the various sounds it made. The machine continued to whir and buzz. You were a Time-Lord. The last of their kind, as far as you knew. You grew up in Gallifrey, until the war between you and the Daleks, many were lost that day, from both sides.

You broke the law and took one of the Tardis', meaning Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space. The machine could get you to anywhere you wanted, at any time. However, you tended to stick to the year as it went by, However, now it was different. You had to leave this year and go somewhere. In the future. You took the name of The Mistress. Your real name was Tordethxotaegreyatrelperun or Tordeth for short. Your Type 65 TARDIS is currently stuck in disguise as a post-box making it exceptionally hard for humans to realise what was inside it.

"I don't understand. Where the hell does, you want me to go!" You yelled in frustration towards the machine. A sigh escaped from your mouth. You pressed buttons, and the Tardis began to move.

"Alright..." You stood back and waited. Out of nowhere with no indication the Tardis jolted, causing you to fall off the edge of the balcony onto the floor.

"Gah!" You reached for your forehead, dabbing it slowly. "My God... What happened there, must be something loose in the mechanics..." You got up on your feet and walked towards the center, underneath the main floor, you grabbed a spanner and looked at the mechanics. "Nothing..." With that, the Tardis sounded. "Hm? We've landed..." You smiled to yourself, jumping around. It'd been some time since you'd traveled. The Tardis dragged you here because someone or something needed you.

You ran up the stairs and grabbed your coat, grinning. The outfit below is what you are wearing by the way

The outfit below is what you are wearing by the way

You swung open the door and walked out. You looked around and noticed you were in what seemed like an airship. It jolted, and you flew to the wall. You glanced out the window. Small spherical bots flew down from the sky as it opened. Teclafanes... The Tardis had brought you to an airship for a reason. You had to find out the real reason. You span your screwdriver, which was similar to the Doctors however the light was at the end was red. It opened the door, which was locked from the inside. You walked in meeting a crowd of people. Two stood across from each other.

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Everyone looked towards you.

"Another friend of yours Doctor?" One of them growled.

The other looked towards him and shook his head. This is why you were here. Just a walk away were two Time-Lords. Two you knew. Very well back on Gallifrey. You thought they were dead. Gone along with the planet you loved. The Doctor. And The Master stood just across from you. The Master held his screwdriver towards you. You stepped back slightly as he pressed the button. You pointed your screwdriver towards him, knocking it out his hand.

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