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I was flat on my back, staring up at the ceiling with Jacob between my legs, kissing up my stomach and in the valley of my breast. Adam laid on his side beside us, propped up on his elbow. His intense, hooded eyes watched us, taking in every miniscule move we made. He was there when Jacob captured my nipples between his teeth, closing my gasping lips with his and mixing my moans with his own. I emitted another gasp when Jacob released my nipple, blowing lightly on the hardened nub. In the heat of the room his breath felt frigid, causing me to arch my back, grinding my body into his in attempt to bring us closer that we already were. His rigid manhood stood pulsating between the two of us, he was bigger than Adam, girth wise, and I feared he wouldn’t fit inside me.

He kissed up my neck, nipping at my jaw, and licking at the shell of my ear.

“I wont hurt you.” He whispered, more to himself than to me.

He hooked his hands under my knee, pulling them up so he was perfectly nestled between my legs. He gave me a small strained smile squeezing the underside of  my thigh before reaching between our bodies and positioning himself. He leaned down suckling at my bottom lip before plunging his tongue into my mouth in the same breath as he breached my sex.

I found myself fighting between clenching around him, and relaxing my muscles to accommodate him; we stayed that way for a while, waiting for me to become accustomed to his size. My breath came out in short gasps as he started to move. He wasn’t Adam, it wasn’t soft and slow. His strokes we long but fast, burying himself inside me before almost completely pulling back and then surging back. I put my hands up, running them down his chest, feeling the muscles ripple beneath my palms as he exerted himself. Panting, I shut my eyes savoring the moment.

He slowed to a smooth, languid stroke, lifting a hand up to frame my face with his elbow braced above my shoulders. His breaths were slow and labored, his hand snaked behind my neck, pulling my face up to meet his searching lips. Our lips barely touched, in the lightest of kisses, as he took my top lip between the two of his. I flicked my tongue out, licking his lip before lifting up to press my lips against his. Our fevered kisses continued with him pressing deeper into me, rubbing my sweet spot in a series of  fluid, earth shattering thrusts. I moaned into his mouth, throwing my head back as my third orgasm of the night hit me. I sunk one hand into his thick hair, pulling as the other raked down his back, looking for something to keep my anchored.

At this point, my entire body felt like a bundle of nerves, the littlest touch sending me soaring. I felt my eyelids start to flutter, I felt drained and for a good reason too. Adam left the bed and returned shortly after with a warm, damp towel, gently cleaning between my legs. I was already half gone when he returned, pulling me against his chest and whispering sweet nothings while Jacob spooned my back.

It hurt to walk.

With every step, my inner thighs would rub against each other. I was sore in places I didn’t know could get sore, and continue to find lovebites in the most unfathomable places. My breasts were tender and sensitive, making it almost unbearable to wear a bra, and jeans were out of the option. So there I was, braless  at Starks Tower in yoga pants and a sweatshirt. The two refused to leave me at home, although they would only be gone an hour or two, picking up document to work from home.

And so I trailed in behind a casually dressed pair of hunks, Jacob  in a loose pair of sweat and a tight white v-neck and Adam in casual jeans and a fitted thermal shirt. Heads turned as the two of them walked towards the elevator in long strides, keeping me between them with Adams firm hand at my back. We joined the company of a few in the elevator. Still sandwiched between the two, with them flanking my sides, I felt more comfortable as underdressed as I was. I ignored the stares from both the men and women who flowed in and out of the mirrored room solely focusing on the heat radiating off the men beside me.

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