Chapter 3

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"Where is she? Is she in there..." Connie's head had already lifted at the commotion coming from the department. Elliot stood bemused, stepping out of the way as he pushed the door open further to come inside. "You can't just take me out of surgeries Connie." "I can do what I like Mr Douglas, unless you've suddenly forgotten your position in this department?"

Connie watched from where she sat, leaning backwards with a casual manner while he became aggravated. Elliot remained inside the office while Greg wandered closer. "You might not want to talk to me but you can't take that out on me here." She smirked with a laugh as she pushed her tongue into her cheek. "This isn't fair Connie-" "What I don't think is fair, is me being the last to find out about your little friend. And it's Mrs Beauchamp to you, so unless you have anything useful to say get out of my office."

She spoke with a calm and collected voice as Greg threw his arms in the air. "We're being like this are we? You act like the innocent figure, fine... You can't keep stopping me from performing surgeries." Sam was hovering beside the door having seen him charge through the department moments before.

Connie scoffed shaking her head as she glared up at him. "You really do think highly of yourself don't you? You're replaceable Mr Douglas, very replaceable." "And clearly you are too." She threw her hands down to the desk as she stood up. "Get out of my office now." "Connie we can't avoid each other when we work together-" "Oh we can, and we will. Stay out of my way Mr Douglas or find yourself a new job. Now get out."

Sam continued to linger knowing that Connie had seen him there. The fact she hadn't glared or yelled at him for being there encouraged him to stay. Greg didn't move from where he stood, rooted to the floor of her office. She arched a brow waiting for some kind of response yet nothing ensued. "Give me a chance to explain."

Standing up straight she turned away, her back to him as she looked out of the windows that ran the length of the office. Holding a hand to her chest loosely she felt herself beginning to let her thoughts wander. "Please... Connie." He moved slightly closer but Connie's mind was elsewhere as she closed her eyes blocking everything out.

Opening her eyes she glanced down sideways shutting herself off entirely. "I suggest you leave this office, and get away from me before I tell everyone exactly what you've done." Her voice was loud enough for only him to hear, but Sam didn't need to hear her words to know what she was saying.

Lifting her eyes she met with his for only a second as he dipped his head wandering backwards towards the door. He got to the door way looking back at everything he'd lost. "I never meant for you to find out like this." She scoffed turning around to face him with her arms folded tightly against her chest. "You never meant for me to find out, end of."

Looking down once again he finally left the office leaving Connie to step back over towards the window. Elliot and Sam shared a knowing glance as one left the room while the other entered. Shutting the door gently behind himself, he watched as she released a heavy breath, a hand running across her forehead. "The last thing I need right now is a lecture on how I should be treating my staff-" "I didn't plan on it."

Turning around she was surprised to see Sam standing in the room burying his hands deep into his pockets. He looked to her and could have sworn he almost saw the walls she built drop. "I don't want to talk Sam-" "Okay... So you listen and I'll talk." She rolled her eyes bringing a smirk to his lips as he wandered towards the sofa at the side of the room.

Remaining where she was, eventually she gave in dropping her head backwards before wandering across the room to sit beside him. Falling down onto the sofa he watched as she ran a hand back into her hair. "Talk then because I sure as hell don't have all day to sit with the likes of you." "Ooh ouch." She threw a glare his direction sitting forwards in line with him.

"You can drop the act Beauchamp because I'm not him, I see right through it." Her eyes fell instantly as she gritted her teeth unwilling to let someone see her at her weakest, it just wasn't something within her nature. "Are you okay?" She opened her mouth to speak but found it wasn't as easy to lie as she had hoped. When nothing came out Sam shifted forwards gently. "You're allowed to not be okay... And you're allowed to hate the guy-" "Oh believe me, there is no love lost since the last time I saw him."

Sam smirked watching as she took a deep breath. "I know you don't like hearing this, but you're not entirely alone Connie." She scoffed glancing up with a roll of her eyes. "That you trying to say you're there for me because if it is-" "So what if it was exactly that?" Stopped in her tracks she found herself at a loss.

He watched her before him, the woman he had seen a glimmer of many times before. No bravado or pretending but a woman who let things affect her. "Nobody ever stays around long enough to mean that..." "Well I do."

Meeting his gaze, it was as though she saw it coming before it happened. Parting her lips slightly, she felt him lean closer as a hand brushed over her cheek. Their lips meeting briefly before he pressed them against hers more firmly. Connie responded to his touch desperately before gaining some sort of grasp on reality.

Pressing a hand to his chest she broke from his lips standing up. "We're not going back there again-" "Con-" "It is not happening. You're with someone and we've done this sleeping together before. Don't tell me that you've suddenly changed your opinion on me because he was caught cheating on me." He stood up moving across the room to stand behind her. "I won't lie and say it's changed, because you deserve more than that. But you also deserve to know that I can never get you out of my head for one reason or another."

Twisting round to face him she shook her head desperate to get out of this before it became anything more. Closing the space between them he moved a hand to her chin directing her gaze up to his. "I can't-" He pressed his lips to hers gently once more before leaning back. "I'm here." Keeping her eyes closed he caressed her cheek. "Okay?" She nodded feeling his hand fall from her face as he walked out of the office leaving her alone with her thoughts.

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