Part 11

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" Hey Scott." I caught up to him in the hallway. I felt really bad about Scott and last night.

" Oh hey Allison. " He looked at me for a brief second then back down at the floor.

" Look I'm really sorry about last night. With my dad and everything. " He looked at me with a nervous smile.

" It's Ok. " He looked back down. That's strange.

" Scott.. What's wrong? " I stopped and looked at him worriedly.

" Nothing. I- i'll talk to you later. " And with that he ran off. Damn it's because of last night. I knew that would make him hate me. I walked outside and made my way to my car when I saw a guy standing by my car. As I got closer he looked more familiar.

" Hello Allison. " Then it clicked. I turned around and started running as fast as I could. He was to fast. He caught my arm and turned me to face him.

" I suggest you listen to what I have to say.. For your boyfriends sake. " My eyes widened and my thoughts went to Scott.

" What to you want with him? " I snapped and jerked my arm out of his grip.

" It's not what I want with him. It's what I want with you. " My face went pale and i froze.

" You're gonna have sex with me whenever I want.. Or I will kill Scott. " Tears flooded my eyes and I fell to the ground. What!? This guy is crazy! Kill Scott? For sex!? I don't want Scott to get hurt. I have no other choice. I stood up and wiped my eyes.

" Okay fine. But Scott doesn't hear about it.. Or get hurt." He smiled and looked at me with hungry eyes.

" Okay then we have a deal. " The last thing I saw wasbas his fist come flying at my face.. Then everything was black.


I woke up to the sound of a door opening and sat up.

" Oh look who's awake? " I looked around over where the voice was coming from and saw it was the man I made the deal with.

" Oh I never told you my name. I'm Derek. " I looked away from his gaze, not wanting to look at the disgusting man. Tears filled my eyes at the thought of what I had to do to save Scott.

" Where are we? "

" That's classified. "

" The least you could do for a girl who is about to have sex with you because your threatening her boyfriend, is tell her where she is. " I snapped and he looked at me angrily.

" Fine. Your at my house. " He walked over to me and I jumped back scared of what he was going to do. He laughed and climbed on the bed. He smashed his lips to mine and climbed on top of me. I tried to break away but he held my head. His fingers slipped to the bottom of my shirt and he attempted to slip it off, but I kept my arms down.

" Oh ya I forgot, and you have to be willing. " He smirked at me devishly making me cringe. I lifted up my arms allowing him to pull the shirt over my head. He broke the kiss and sat up and pulled his shirt off. I had to admit.. This boy has a nice body. He immediately dove back in and kissed me harshly on the lips. His fingers went to the button on my jeans and he popped themopen and slid them off of me.

" I'm gonna make you feel so good. " I remembered the words from the guy at the club. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I thought about what was about to happen. He swiftly threw his jeans off along with his boxers and moved my panties to side.

" Oh wait..I forgot something. " He got off the bed and threw me on the floor. He pointed to his hard erection and I immediately knew what he meant. I shook my head no and he looked furious.

" If you don't.. You know I'll kill Scott. " I shook my head no again and he grabbed a handful of my hair and threw me across the room. I hit my head hard against the wall and screamed in pain. I felt blood trickle down my forehead and I laid there almost unconscious.

" See what happens when—" He was cut off by the door swinging open.

" Derek what the hell are you doing?! " The last thing I heard was Scotts voice then everything went black once again.


" Doc is she Ok? When is she gonna wake up? " I woke to the sound of someone's frantic voice. Scott. I sat up to fast and a sharp pain went through my head. I cried out in pain and Scott came rushing in. I laid back down slowly, my head pounding furiously.

" Hi baby, are you OK? " He leaned down and kissed my forehead. Tears filled my eyes as I remembered what happened and why I was here.

" Baby, please don't cry. " He attempted to wipe away my tears, but I flinched away not allowing him.

" Scott I don't get it. Where were you Scott? Where were you when I needed you most? " I managed to choke out. He looked down and stayed silent.

" That's what I mean Scott.. You don't tell me anything and it's driving me insane. Who was that guy.. That took me? How did he know you? Why me? I seem to have all these questions, but you never answer them. I'm done Scott.. I'm so done. I don't need all of this emotion and stress in my life. Look Scott I'm in a hospital! " I managed to scream. I looked down watching the tears hit the blanket. He continued to stay silent.

" Scott please leave. " I whispered.

" What? Allison. Please no—"

" I don't need all this stress Scott. Leave. " He nodded knowing not to protest any longer. He slowly got up as tears rolled down his cheeks. He stopped at the doorway and looked back, but I ignored it. Then he was gone.


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