Chapter 7 | Hardest Part of Ending is Starting Again

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I jumped to the side and stabbed the hellhound. It bursted into gold dust and I had to close my eyes so some of then wouldn't go in. I looked around and saw that there aren't any monsters left.

I sighed in relief. A week has passed since I left camp. A week of non-stop monster attacks. You would think that when Poseidon disowned me, I wouldn't be bothered. But that's not the case bacause I still reeked the sea.

I plopped down under a tree and I couldn't help but laugh. I'm kinda liking the monster attacks. Atleast the monsters still think i'm worth attacking. Funny how I hated them before and now the injury I got from them is what's keeping me alive.

"Great now i'm loving monsters,"I said to myself. I looked at Riptide and frowned, "Why do I even use this sword? I'm not Poseidon's son anymore."

Then I realized that Riptide was Zoe's sword not Poseidons. At the thought of Zoe, I felt a wave of shame. I let her die, and even though it's not exactly my fault, I know I take the blame.

My thoughts were interrupted because of the sound of my stomach grumbling. I stood up and grabbed my backpack. I had a few money left from what I saved. I winced when the strap of my bag came into contact to my shoulder. A dracanae scratched it yesterday. And since Poseidon took my powers over water, it can't heal me. I sighed.

My first plan was to find Athena, Hades, and Apollo. It bothered me when Da-Poseidon said that they were missing. But I wouldn't know if Athena planned this. Maybe she figured out I couldn't make a difference because i'm worthless or something. I shook my head.

But 7 days has passed and I haven'th got a clue so I focused more on surviving.

But I really don't know if I could put up with this much longer. Everytime I sit down in my thoughts, more memories stir. I see my mom flinching when Gabe raised his hand. Annabeth holding up the sky. Luke's face when I gave him Annabeth's dagger. Hazel and Frank in Alaska. Piper, Jason, and me in the nymphaeum. Bob and Damasen. The Arai. Fighting Otis and Ephialtes in the Athenian Acropolis with Poseidon. Leo blowing up in the sky. The good days after the 2nd Giant War. A month of training with Aether and last week.

What's worse is that these memories sometimes mix up(usually happens when i'm hungry). Like what's happening now, i'm seeing Annabeth taking the dagger instead of Luke. What does that mean?

I bought cupped noodles and ate it. While eating, i'm glancing around to watch out for any monster. The whole place was busy. People was on their phones as they walk and cars sped off. I looked down at my clothes and figured out that I won't be fitting with the crowd of people who was wearing tuxedos and dresses. I quickly finished my food and went to the forest again.

I don't even know what i'm gonna do. I would think that going to Camp Jupiter wouldn't help also. Word travells fast. Camp Jupiter must have known how hated I am in my own camp. They'll hate me to. If they don't, then it's only a matter of time.

I plooped to the tree again and thought that this sucks.


I was startled. I looked around to see an IM of a boy with red stained lips.

"Dakota?" I asked.

The son of Bacchus looked at me, concerned. "What happened to you? When Grover IMed you, he was with us you know. We all saw it."

I swallowed, "The whole Twelfth Legion?"

He nodded. "Frank was so worried. He tried to contact you again but we didn't know where you were so we couldn't. Leo was strangely quiet and Reyna was just downright scary. Then, just now, I thought why not make things general? I said New York."he said, looking pleased with himself.

I smiled, "Well that was really clever of you."

His smile faltered and said, "But what really happened Percy? We're all so confused."

I was about to answer when a new voice asked, "Dakota! Is that Percy?"

Before he could answer, a big hand pushed Dakora face away. Frank came into the scene. He looked relieved, then belwildered, and then concerned. All in a split second.

"Percy?! Wha-are you alright?"

I smiled, though that one was clearly forced. I don't feel like smiling. "I'm fine."

"Why are you not at camp? Where's Hazel? Piper and Jason? Annabeth? "he asked

I flinched at every name. Their faces showing up in my head. Their voices reverberating in my mind. I felt like someone was stabbing me.

I held my chest and took a breath before saying, "They're at Camp Half-Blood, Frank. Probably partying now that i'm gone."

He looked confused, "What? What are you talking about?"

"You can Iris-Message them Frank. They'll tell you what happened. Then afterwards"my voice broke, tears were springing in my eyes, "afterwards you can hate and pity me as well."I stood up and attempted to slash the IM

"Wait! Percy?!"I stopped. Frank had tears in his eyes too, though I don't know why."You must have gotten it wrong! This is a misunderstanding. I'll send someone to take you here and then-"

"No, Frank."I said, "I'm leaving, both camps." A tear fell down my face and I quickly wiped it away.

"Percy you can't"he pleaded, his voice sounding desperate. "The camp needs you, your friends need you, and even if they won't admit it the gods need you too."

I didn't respond.

"Percy please listen. You need to go back."

"For what?"I spat. "To be their pawn in everything. Frank, I was disowned by my father and my mother thinks i'm dangerous for my sister."He started to say something but I stopped him, "Hazel, Piper, and Jason used me. Annabeth cheated on me! "Tears were freely falling now. "The whole camp hates me for trying to help them in an upcoming prophecy that they don't know!"

"Percy that's not true! Hazel would never. You know she'll never!"

I wheezed. Their voices was maddening. "Seriously, the 3 of them. Nico, Leo, and Percy. They're losers, I mean they're great at fights but socializing? Do not count them in because they totally suck." "I'm breaking up with you." " Just go! " "Worthless"

"Percy"he said desperately.

I shook my head. Hiccuping, I said, "There's just nothing I can do now Frank. They don't need me. They have Damien now. This isn't a misunderstanding. I was clear."I looked at him straight in the eye, "Everything I do isn't enough and it will never be."

I slashed the Iris Message.

I leaned to a tree and tried to steady my breathing. I wiped my eyes but it was no use. Tears kept falling down. There was still this empty feeling inside me and even after screaming and trashing about, I still can't get rid of it.

For a few seconds all I had was silence. Then a voice shattered it.

"Wow, that did not go well."

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