What's happening Now? Part 65

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7th January 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Pulling up at the front of the home of Micah and Jill is always an awesome sight. They have turned one of the oldest family estates in the area into a lovely, fully restored large family home with a few additions to accommodate their expanding family. 

I was looking forward to seeing Eddy again and her little one. 

From what we have heard, Eddy and her new husband are working through their problems which I have to admit were due to how overwhelming the whole situation was for the new father. Eddy though, handled it in her usual calm way that she does. 

She may look like her grandmother Jennelle, but she was all her mothers daughter with being all calm and cool when situations out of the normal come up. Then if there is a threat of any kind, she does as her mother does and goes hunting.. literally. 

No one will harm those she cares for and think they can get away with it if they do. The story of Eddy who went off and hunted down Lane was amusing somewhat within the family. Lane ran off for the hills when he found out that he had knocked up Eddy who had been his girlfriend for a couple of years. Micah mentioned that he probably ran because he may have thought the men in the family would have gone gunning for him. 

Jill burst into laughter when Micah was telling us that. Everyone seems to know that it's not the men in the family who you have to be weary of. It's the women. They are the ones to nip problems in the bud and sort out anything potential that may be a threat of some kind. 

Hence why it's not unheard of to hear about Jill or Eddy going hunting. 

So after Lane did the bolt, Eddy went hunting for him. Sadly for him, she found him. I don't know the whole circumstances of that account, but I gather it was tense for a while and Eddy came home somewhat upset. But not before giving Lane a hiding. 

It wasn't until after Eddy had gone in to labour that Lane turned up again and he was there at Eddy's side when his daughter was brought into the world screaming her head off. A few weeks later, Eddy and Lane were married. Life fell into a normal routine after that with Lane going to work with Micah to start with, but Joey ended up taking him into his own. The two men seem to get on very well from what we see. 

Reid asked Lane once why he didn't want to work for Micah when the subject came up and he nearly crapped himself, Lane that is. 

" And have either of Eddy's parents as your boss? I don't think so. It's safer to work with Joey." Lane blurted out which had Jill laugh so much she nearly fell off the lounge her and Micah were sitting on. 

" Talk about jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire." Eddy murmured wryly as she finished breast feeding her daughter who was then curled up against her mothers chest for a sleep. 

" Why? What do you mean?" I asked her since I was sitting close to her at the time wondering what she actually meant. 

" Because Joey might look like a soft gentle giant, but he's the one who is a raging bull let on the loose when he sees one of us kids crying or hurt for any reason. Then he goes after the reason for the upset and drags the offender back to not only apologise, but to also fix the problem that caused the hurt." Jill laughed as she explained to us what her daughter's not so quiet response meant.

Then everyone laughed as Lane realised what they all meant when some sort of horrified look come across his face.

We heard later that he tried to get out of working for Joey. But Joey just looked up and glared at him causing Lane to back out of the office very slowly and very carefully, bumping in to Eddy on the way out the door which also caused him to jump in fright.

Eddy related that bit to us with a giggle. But it looks like Lane has settled down now and fits in with the family well enough. At least it looks like it to us.

But all that was at our last visit here to the family before we all went across to Australia. 

The large front door was open when we approached it and we have learned from the first time that if the door is open, just walk on in. Which we did dropping out cases just inside the front door as we entered the broad and spacious foyer.

Then Reid and I meandered around the house from room to room until we heard voices and headed in the direction they came from. Which was one of the large sunny family rooms at the back of the house which overlooked the sprawling garden outside the large wall of windows.

" See Reid. I told you if we searched every nook and cranny of this house we would eventually find them." I said with a smile as we walked into the room interrupting the chatter that was happening from a few others in the room.

" Sarah. You're here." Eddy called out with an excited voice when she turned to see who had spoken.

" In the flesh. With Reid as well as you can see. So, how is everyone?" I asked as we we all greeting each other with hugs and kisses.

" We are fine." Was what Jill said in an annoyed tone of voice which made me think that we interrupted something serious.

" If you need us to step out of the room for a bit, we can." I asked her in a serious tone letting her know that I was aware of something happening.

" No. It's okay. Stupid contractors causing a few problems. They don't want me to come down and sort it out for them." She muttered in a disgusted tone as she looked at her phone in her hand.

" That's because they know someone will be fired if you do, Love." Micah went on to say as he stepped up beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her in for a hug.

" They are all idiots." She muttered again before tossing the phone down on the table and then looked up at us.

" You haven't spoken to anyone yet, have you?" She asked with a very bright smile as she leaned into Micah who looked like he could have done more than just hug or cuddle her.

" No. We repacked a small bag each and just left. We got a chartered plane directly to here from Boise. So.. what's up?" Reid went on to ask the other couple with a slight frown on his face.

" We'll talk after the younger ones have settled down for the night." Micah went on to say with what looked like a serious voice. he looked serious too. So I would imagine that there has been some kind of news that has come to light.

" Why did you ask if we had spoken to anyone else?" I asked her when I remembered what she asked a moment ago.

" Later." Was all Jill went on t say again. So I guess we'll find out later.

We were shown to our room. The one we had been in the last time we were here and after unpacking the few things we brought with us, we headed out of the bedroom and meandered again through the house down towards the kitchen where we heard all the voices coming from.

" Well hello you two." We heard Sharyn James, Jill's adoptive mother say as we walked in through the doorway. Mike looked up from talking to one of the youngest ones to give us a wave.

Mike and Sharyn James have been a part of Jill's life we found, long before Jill had the quints after meeting them at one of the motels that Jill financed the James when buying it. Not that they knew at first.

But after leaving them and continuing her journey north to Bend where she had other properties, the James had been made an offer over the motel and accepted it then followed Jill north where she immediately took them into her home as family when they arrived.

They have been here ever since.

So for the next few hours, we enjoyed the company of the family as we did the last time we were here before the serious talk began.

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