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I WAKE up to my alarm ringing. 6:45 AM, Thursday morning, birds chirping.

"What...the..?" I lift myself up, frowning. I shield my eyes with my elbow, blocking the bright yellow sun shining through the navy curtains. I look around my room and at my body.

"What..what the fuck?" I grab my phone and look at the time and date again. "H-how's this possible?" A second later, I throw the blanket off myself and run to my bedroom door. I sprint down the whole way, almost slipping 'cause of Amber's scrunchie.

I stop, taking in a deep breath before opening my mum's bedroom door. There she lays soundly asleep, the soft noise from the metal fan in the corner fills the room. The blanket is pulled up to her waist and her eye mask on.

Relief soothes me like an icy cold shower and the tension in my muscles relax. Mum's alive and well that's all that matters right now. Thank God. I also check up on Amber and as usual, she's snoring away. Her blonde hair is in a mess, the blanket is half on the ground, and her clothes are everywhere - she's worse than me.

On my way back to my room, I shake my head, scoffing, what a fucking dream that was! I get dressed and head for school. Oddly enough, everything, however, replays out exactly the same...




"What the fuck!?"


"Hey, Sam, cut it off. You're not cool."


" ...Due the first day back from your break - no excuses!"


Break time. Why does this day feel like an extreme case Déjà vu? Why is everything occurring precisely the way it did in my dream? It feels like I'm in a fucking bubble!

"Hey, Sylvester! Basketball at lunch in gym?! Everyone's comin'. Teachers vs students."

"...Basketball?" I frown, that's exactly what he said in my dream, like literally word for word.

"Yeah, you comin'?"

"Um yeah...yeah!" I yell back, none of this is making any sense...

"Sweet!" Jace heads off.

5 mins to Bio class. Bio class. Biology class. Fucking Biology class. That's where it happens! That's where it all begins! No, no, no, NO. This is not real, it can't be! Wait, what is the last thing that I remember? Fuck, I blacked out! I must still be passed out. I gotta wake up.




Nothing. Absolutely nothing! I try again.

"The hell you doing?" Brayson makes his way over to me. "On that stuff Sam's giving out?"


I turn away from him, squeezing my head.

"Let's think this through," I whisper to myself. "If everything is happening exactly as it did in my dream then...then this isn't a dream. It felt too damn real to just be a 'dream'. This means that I had a...premonition." I stop pacing and look up at Brayson. "No fucking way."

"Huh?" Brayson stops chewing on his apple.

"It's Thursday, right?"

"Last time I checked," he takes another bite outta his granny smith apple. "Dude, you okay?" he says between mouthfuls. "You're full-on sweating n shit."

"It's hot," I deflect.

If I tell him, he's gonna think I'm bloody crazy and appearing 'crazy' isn't the best way to get someone to believe you. Okay, think this through, Dean. I have to be smart about this, not deranged.

"It's 15 degrees..." he looks at me with a funny expression.

The bell rings and my heart rate spikes up. Shit, there's no time to think this through! This is a matter of life and death! Warning everyone about the imminent Zombie Apocalypse is the only thing on my mind right now!

"Look," I put my hands out in front of myself, "I'm gonna sound batshit crazy in the next few seconds but you've got to believe me."

"Bro, what is it?" Brayson plops himself on top of the wooden table.

"The Zombie Apocalypse," I tell him dead seriously. "It's gonna happen."

He stares at me and I mean, like, full-on staring, not even blinking.

"This morning, in Bio class."

Brayson doesn't say one word.

"Shit! Ms Mills, Mr Damien!" My eyeballs dart in my sockets as I recall all the major details. "They're both going to die. My..my...my m-mum! The whole school will be in full lockdown! At...at first we're gonna think it's a drill but it isn't. Trust me, Brayson," I look back up at him, "I'm telling you. The Zombie Apocalypse is gonna happen."

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