Chapter Three

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You went back to Stingy's house.
Something made you feel uneasy, but you just ignored it.
You knocked on the door.
"H-hold on a minute, sweetie!" You heard him.
Wait a second, you thought, I technicality live here. Why am I knocking? also if Stingy is naked then xDDDDDDD (kill me)
You opened the door, only to find out Stingy was holding Ziggy's head.
"cheese and rice! what teh heck senpia" You said, horrified.
"I had to kill him, he was getting in the way of our love!" Stingy said. He was going crazy.

He was going insane

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He was going insane.

You grabbed Robbie Rotten. (because why not)

The power of memes compels you"
Stingy grabbed you and tossed you on the ground. (i swear it's not smut)
"Do I have to chain you up so you can't get away?" He laughed manically.
"Stingy, I'm in a relationship."
"With who?"
"Stephanie." This was your plan. You would lie to Stingy and say that you were dating Stephanie. Then he'd try to kill her. And then she'd...
"I'll be gone for a bit, sweetie. But until then, be good or you'll get a punishment. cEREAL WITHOUT MILK"
He left.

sorry this chapter was so short, I was busy, and I'll be even more busy since school is starting for me.

I decided to make it more lighthearted, because the last chapter wasn't really.

Leave a comment if you want this to be more memeish or more serious

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