Chapter one- An Idea

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Chapter one- An Idea

Marble awoke, confused. She thought she had heard wing beats.

Probably just a dream, she thought. Then curled up into a ball again.


No, there it is again. It's definitely wasn't a dream.

Then scratching, and someone was at the entrance.

An older looking TimeWing was standing in her cave.

She hadn't seen another dragon for so long, she had almost forgotten what they looked like. But now that an actual dragon was standing in front of her, she remembered clearly how they looked:

Rough skin the colour of stone, varying from a light chalky grey to dark stormy shades-perfect for camouflage. Along their spines, where most tribes of dragons had ridged plates, Timewings had a soft mane of pure white fur. For what purpose, she didn't know. She had learned from experience that being bitten in the neck was far more painful without any protection.

A masked face, for protection and ramming, the colour of bones, completed with two long, sharp horns. Massive wings, and a long tail, with a bush of fur at the end that in reality, is only meant for hiding the razor-sharp spike buried inside. Last, of course, are the piercing ice-blue eyes, very similar to the icy environment inhabited by the Timewings.

Her own skin was an unusual shade of white swirled with a slightly darker grey in some areas. Her mane, instead of pure white, was more of an off white. Her eyes were still icy and blue, but there was something strange about them. They seemed deeper, almost to be able to read others' thoughts. Or so she had been told.

"You have an audience with the council, come with me" he said, his voice rough and scratchy yet kind and charming.

"Ok, but why? What's it for?" Asked Marble, who wasn't in the mood for a council meeting.

"You shall see when we arrive".

"Fine." She huffed, wobbling to her feet.

Both dragons stretched their wings and dove out of the cave. Their homes, much like those of the Stonewings, were dug into the sides of cliffs.

Marble was glad to stretch her wings out and fly. She hadn't for such a long time. Yet she felt no freedom, no happiness. She would rather stay on the ground forever, then fly without them.

They flew over the beautiful snow filed country of Grinnen. The sight usually put a smile on the younger TimeWings' snout. Not this time. She didn't know if she would ever be able to smile again.

Grinnen is the world beyond Pyrrhia. All the dragons there had no idea Grinnen existed. They didn't even notice a tribe of Timewings living right on their borders. The Island of Time is located on the very spot where the ocean of Pyrrhia meets the ocean of Grinnen.

After a short flight, the dragons arrived at the councils hall. It was a massive cave, carved into the mountains a long time ago. Marble followed the older dragon inside. It was almost completely round, with smooth stone walls. Small decorative designs had been carved into the ceiling.

As she entered, all twelve of the council members turned their heads towards her. Marble did not like to be the centre of attention, she felt like turning invisible.

The largest dragon at the end of the hall seemed to sense this.

"It's alright, come closer" he said.

Marble slowly crept forwards, trying to ignore all the stares. She reached the middle of the room, and bowed.

"Rise" he said after a moment. "It seems you haven't been out in a while. You mustn't stay in your cave for the rest of your life. You need an adventure, I would think". He spoke slowly.

Marbles ears perked up-just slightly-but they did.

The thing she loved most of all, adventures.

"What kind of adventure?" Asked Marble, interested but not showing it.

"The missing dragon, did you hear about her? She was sent out to watch over Pyrrhia. Bring back any news we haven't heard of yet. She was supposed to report back once every two months-"

"But she never returned" interrupted a dragon with a very annoying voice. Her mane was also smooth and brushed, she obviously spent way too much time combing it.

The largest dragon at the end glared at her, nobody but Marble noticed.

From the stories her parents had told about the members of the council, she knew that the largest dragon at the end was Granite, and the annoying one must be Murth.

"Exactly" finished Granite with a sigh.

"So why am I here?" Marble asked. Then she felt silly, as each dragon blinked mockingly at her. She shrunk under their powerful glares. "Am I to find her?"

Marble was almost getting exited. She really wanted to get away from her cave, as far away from the memories of her parents as possible.

"And to bring back any news while you're out there" Granite replied.

"As you wish, sir." She bowed again, as a burst of excitement swelled up her her chest. "What is her name? When should I leave? Is there anything I should know before I go?" Questioned Marble anxiously.

Granite laughed. "There is nothing you must know that you don't already know. Other than this, don't be seen. Her name is Artica, and you may leave when you are ready. You may go back to your cave".

Marble bowed her head, and was escorted back to her cave for the night.


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