My Aunts roomates son

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Emma's POV


I ran out of my room into the large hallway leading to the front door. "H-hello" I said shivering my butt off. "Hello young lady. Are your parents home?" The two strange men quickly said. "My Mother is. May I ask who you guys are? And what you are doing here?" "No questions please." They walked right in ignoring my presence. When they reached the kitchen, they saw my mom, she had her long blonde hair tied in a bun behind her, her eyes were a crystal blue and she was wearing her favorite apron. She spun around as she saw the two mens' shadows, then she motioned me to leave the room. As I walked up the stairs to my room I saw that one of the guys had a picture of a boy.

After about a hour, my mom finally came into my room. "Hey there honey, sorry about that" She said staring at her hands. "Its fine. So why were they here anyway?" She didnt answer me but instead she said that I will have to wait till dad got home from work!

So I waited





UNTILL my mom yelled"Dinner!" I rushed down the stairs and into the dining room. My Father's expression on his face was not a pleasant one, in fact it kinda looked like a mixture of McJagger (Idk how to spell it:)) and the face of Kevin Jonas.THIS WAS NOT GOING TO BE GOOD!

I sat at the table, eating my food without saying one word untill my dad asked, "How was school?" School was School, was I going to tell him that? Not unless I wanted to be grounded for a month! "Fine." I said before taking a bite out of my salad. Mom must have noticed the awkward tension because she brung out her special Chocolate Cake, Yummm. "Now can you tell me who those guys were?" I said beginning to become very impatient. "Um. They were FBI agents." I almost chocked on my food when my mom said this! "Why were they here? Are you in trouble?" I became very nervous as I waited for my mom to answer. Instead of answering me she LAUGHED! "I'm Serious! Why were they here?" Why would she laugh?? What was so funny about the FBI coming to our house? "No dear, I am not in trouble,but you might have to go live with your aunt for awhile." She smiled the whole time she said this. "WHAT!" I almost spat out all my milk on my dad's plate. I marched up stairs to my room, I did not like my aunt, not at all.

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