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*****2 years later****

[3rd person's point of view]

Mike and Tony took their Honeymoon to Hawaii and adopted their first child, Ashley. Ashley had Black hair and green eyes that were beautiful. Ashley was 2 years old and loved music. Tony would play the guitar for her and Mike would push her around the house on a skateboard. Ashley would always go on tour with Pierce The Veil, they loved having their little mascot and baby with them. Some days, Ashley is what kept them going. 

Jaime and Delaney realized the love they shared and started dating a year after Tony and Mike got married. They've been dating for a year now, they agreed that if they made it to 4 years that's when they would decide if they wanted to spend their lived together. Delaney looked after Ashley while the guys played shows. Delaney and Tasha got along really well and were friends, they always had 'girls night out' with each other, sometimes they also brought Ashley. All in all, Jaime was deeply in love with Delaney, who had brown straight hair with bright blue eyes. 

Vic and Tasha have been dating for awhile as well. They usually never fought, they were perfect for each other most of the time. Things got a little out of hand for Vic though. Vic's thoughts started to ramble inside of his head. He couldn't help but think what would have happened if he would have felt differently 2 years ago. Where would he be? Vic tried to push out all of his feelings, and some times, his friends. He couldn't help but wonder, why this was all happening, why him, why now? 

I guess it would also be right to mention that Pierce The Veil has been invited to Warped Tour this year, and everyone but Tasha and was going. Tasha had to stay back in San Diego, she was now in her own band and they were going on tour. Delaney was going but could only stay for 1 week. Ashley would be taken care of by other bands, such as Of Mice & Men, Sleeping With Sirens, and others. 

Jaime no longer had to go to Mexico. He paid for his Aunt to catch a flight to San Diego so she could stay with Jaime's mom. So everything was working out well for Jaime. He was with his beautiful girlfriend, him and the guys were playing Warped Tour this year, Ashley was the best niece ever, He no longer had to go to Mexico, and he was finally happy with everything. That is, until he faced a HUGE situation. 

'Why can't you see my love for you is blinding. "Do bright lights mean nothing to you?"  Vic thought to himself as he sat in the lounge on the bus. 

A/N - Short epilogue to tell you how everything was in the past 2 years . (Again if anyone wants a sequel please let me know, I am working on it and if anyone wants to read it I will post it, it's name will be Do Bright Lights Mean Nothing To You (Sequel to The Balcony Scene) ) Thank you for reading this story, and I know it was sort of a mess but I never planned a plot for this story. But the sequel is planned out and will be much better if I post it. Thank you for reading and the first chapter should be up tomorrow if anyone wants a sequel again. Thanks! :)


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