Thank you!

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Hide and Seek is about to reach 2 million reads. I say it's not a big deal because there are MANY books on here with over millions of reads. Especially in the romance genre haha.
I know I thanked you guys a gazillion times, but that's not enough. Thank you guys for making this possible. Throughout the months I'm becoming a better writer. When I wrote Hide and Seek, I was just beginning to like writing. So, I realized what I did wrong or what I didn't add or what could have been better. In the future, I'd love to rewrite Hide and Seek and make it lengthier, but that's probably a few years from now.

Thank you all so much. I know it's not a BIG deal, but it kind of is to me. Most of the horror stories I read back in 2014 had 1 million reads and now I'm catching up to them. (Watch out, here I come)

Seriously guys, thanks for the help, the criticism, the feedback, the suggestions. I will never get enough of it. Most of all thanks for reading my book and giving it a chance:) I'm always thankful for each one of my readers, even the readers who read the first few chapters and didn't like it<3

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