Chapter 24

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Jason's Pov

I opened my eyes to see Harvey disappear. I wanted to get up but I was afraid if I moved I would feel pain. I sat up against the tree nearest to me. My arm hurt, my side hurt, everything hurt. I tried to lift my arm but I think it was broken.

"You okay Jason?" Ty yelled.

"I think I broke my arm." I called.

Huskey walked over. "Let me take a look at it." He said. He touched my arm and I cringed. "It's fractured but not broken."

Seto came over. "Let me try something." He said. His eyes glowed purple and a purple glow came from his hand. He put it on my arm and the pain started to disappear. Once it was gone Seto's eyes went back to normal.

"I'm healed." I said. I was amazed. "How did you do that?"

"I'm a sorcerer. It's what I do." Seto smiled.

"Except for your ancestor." Ty muttered.

"Harvey is a destroyer." Sky explained. "He doesn't heal. If he does all the healing he's done on himself will come undone. Seto can choose to be like Harvey or use light spells. They're less powerful and help more with health."

"So Harvey is dark?" I asked. "That explains a lot."

"So is that the last one?" Crystal asked.

"We still have True and Deadlox to go through. Huskey, you're ancestor said he won't be fighting." Sky said. "If you beat True and Deadlox then consider yourselves ready. If you don't then we'll keep training."

"Any advice?" Jerome asked.

"True is clumsy but smart so he'll strike you when you aren't looking. Deadlox rushes into things without thinking so take advantage of that." Sky explained. "What do you want to fight them right now?"

"Why not. We're going to lose anyway." Mitch said.

"Be positive." Sky said. "Who knows. Maybe Seto can try out one of his new spells."

"I'm not doing a dark spell." Seto said.

"Why not?" I asked. "You're capable of doing it."

"I'm a light sorcerer." Seto said. "I don't do dark spells."

"Not all those spells are dark." Sky said. "Try one."

Seto sighed and opened the book. "I can't do these!" He said. "Most of these are either dark, banned, or just summoning things."

"Just try a dark one." Ty said.

"I'm a light sorcerer not a dark sorcerer." Seto said.

"You're both." Sky said. "Don't deny it."

"Hey Seto. What about that one?" I pointed to a spell in his book. I could make out a few words like light, dark, and horse. I think it was a spell for light and dark to summon a horse.

"Actually that one is banned." Seto said. "You use dark magic for this spell one thing happens and if you use light magic on this spell another thing happens."

"Well it looks like you're just summoning a horse so do it." I said.

"It's a lot more than summoning a horse." Seto said. "It's summoning a nightmare or a pegasus."

"What's the difference?" Ty asked.

His eyes glowed and a white pegasus appeared beside him. "This is a pegasus." He said. A black pegasus appeared beside me. "That's a nightmare."

"What does it do?" I asked.

Seto pointed at me and said, "Sick him."

The nightmare reared up and tried to stomp me. I ran up a tree and it stood there looking up at me. "What the hell Seto!?" I yelled.

"You wanted dark magic and this is what you get." Seto said. "Also a nightmare is extremely smart."

The nightmare unfolded it's wings and flew up to me. I swear it chuckled before it started bitting me. "Seto stop." Sky said.

"Heal." Seto said. The nightmare flew back down to him and nuzzled it's head into his hand.

"It's somewhat nice if you don't make it attack someone." Ty said.

Sky walked over to the pegasus. "Now me and Seto have a ride home." He laughed.

"That's not fair." Jerome said.

Seto jumped on the nightmare. "Yeah you wanted me to use dark magic so now you got to walk home."

"I've learned some magic in my time." Ssundee said. He muttered some words as a zombie horse appeared beside him.

"So the teachers get to ride and the students get to walk." Ty said. "Great."

"Would you rather fight Deadlox and True now then?" Sky asked.

"No. We're tired and just want to go home." Mitch said.

"Then let's go." Sky said. We started walking.

"Why was that spell banned?" Jerome asked.

"Nightmares are a dangerous breed of horse and if it doesn't have a master it's very hostile." Seto explained. "Pegasus are passive but can become a nightmare. It's not bad if you break the rule because they're found around Minecraftia. It is bad if you summon one and let it rome free."

"And it takes dark magic to summon them? That explains why they're hostile." Ty said.

"Dark magic tends to be stronger than light magic but dark magic is very addictive and has some side effects that light magic doesn't." Seto explained. "Most sorcerers and wizards are either born light or dark. It's incredibly dangerous to switch between the two. As far as I know I'm the only sorcerer in existence that can do both."

"Then use both kinds of magic." Mitch said. "If you do you'll be invincible!"

"I don't like dark magic." Seto said. "It's just not my thing."

"But it might come in handy." Sky said.


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