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Best form of torture

"My throat is on fire," Ryan groaned, placing the shot glass back on the table as he let out a couple coughs. "You're weak," Hunter smirked, patting him on the back. "Am not," he said and took another shot from the bartender who had no trouble filling all the glasses again and again.

"Alright, you guys have had enough," Bam said as he came up behind Ryan and Hunter. He grabbed the drink from Hunter's hand and placed it where she couldn't reach it.

Ryan and Hunter shared a quick glance, "I would like to confirm that I don't give a fuck," Hunter said in all seriousness before she and Ryan burst out laughing. No doubt that they were drunk.

Bam rolled his eyes,"I'm serious, I mean look at you guys--"

"I'm an adult, I can take care of myself. Thank you very much," Hunter said and turned away from Bam to order another drink. Hunter must admit, she was acting a tiny bit irresponsible, but after what happened the other day, she couldn't help herself. She felt like she needed to drink her problems away.

Bam let out a sigh and rubbed his temples, "you guys are going to get a killer headaches tomorrow morning," he said but Ryan just shrugged. He couldn't care less about what Bam had to say, because even though he was drunk, he still couldn't let go of the anger he felt.

"Your existence is giving me a headache at the moment," Ryan slurred, slamming his drink down on the table.

"Okay, that's final. I'm taking you both home," Bam said as he held both Hunter's and Ryan's arm in a tight grip. He said a quick bye to the other guys and took the two drunks to a cab.

He told the cab driver the directions to Ryan's apartment and they drove off. Luckily for Bam, Hunter and Ryan had calmed down, and the sleep started kicking in. Ryan was the first to drift off. He leaned his head against the window, while the rest of his body was arched into a position that couldn't be comfortable. And shortly after, Hunter fell asleep too. Not against the window, like Ryan, but against Bam. Her head was leaning against his arm, and the rest of her body was still in a sitting position. Bam's heart sped up a little as he felt the warmth of her body against his.

He shifted a little, trying to get a little more comfortable, but then Hunter started to move. She moved her arm from the side of her body and placed it in Bam's lap instead, coming dangerously close to a place where the sun doesn't shine.

Bam's breath got caught in his throat. All it would take was a little bump in the road and she'd be full on touching him.

"You have a girlfriend for fuck's sake," he mumbled to himself and grabbed Hunter's hand to move it away from his lap, but when he tried to let go of her hand she tightened her grip on his. And that was all she had to do to make his heart start racing.

"We're here Sir," the cab driver said after another ten minutes of driving. Bam gently shook Ryan and Hunter awake as they made their ways out of the cab. "Keep the change," Bam said as he handed the cab driver the money.

"Let's get you guys to bed," he said as he led Hunter and Ryan towards Ryan's apartment. They reminded Bam of zombies, the way they were stumbling over their own feet.

He awkwardly grabbed Ryan's keys out of the back pocket of his pants and opened the door to the apartment.

Ryan walked straight to the couch, not making any effort to take of his shoes as he let his body fall backwards on the couch.

"Time for another drink," Hunter said as she tried to walk forward, but after two steps it felt like the room started spinning and before she knew it, she was on the ground.

"No, time for bed," Bam laughed as he helped her off of the ground. He placed her arm around his own shoulder and helped her get to the guest bedroom.

"Thanks," she mumbled. She grabbed a hoodie from the chair in the corner of her room and started pulling her own shirt over her head, leaving her in nothing but her pants and bra.

"Woah, what are you doing?" Bam asked shocked as he looked at her half naked body. He quickly turned around, his back facing her as he felt the heat rise to his cheeks. 'She's so fucking drunk right now' he thought to himself.

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"I guess I'll leave you then.," he said quickly and tried to walk away but one little word stopped him from doing so.

"Wait," Hunter said, "can you stay a little longer?" She asked hopeful.

'No Bam. She's drunk. It's the alcohol talking. She doesn't actually want you to be here'

"Please," she pouted.

"O-okay," Bam said, as he felt his heart skip a beat for the hundredth time tonight. He turned back to her again and saw that she was fully clothed now. This is so wrong.

"I never knew a girl could drink this much," Bam joked.

Hunter frowned, "and it still wasn't enough to make me forget," she mumbled, stumbling to sit down on the edge of her bed.

"Forget what?" Bam asked, looking down at her.

"Nothing-- I mean, forget I said that," she said. She didn't want to burden yet another person with her problems.

Bam nodded and sat down next to her.

"Hey Bam," Hunter started, "I could really use a cuddle right now."

Bam kept silent as he looked at her. His heart thumped so hard that he swore it was audible.

"Friends cuddle too," she added giving him a shyly smile. So they were friends now? That's one step in the right direction.

"Alright," Bam said with a hint of hesitation in his voice. 'She's drunk Bam, run while you still can' he kept thinking to himself. But something inside him just didn't want to listen.

The two of them laid down on the bed. Hunter's back was against Bam's chest, and his arm was draped loosely around her waist.

"My girlfriend would kill me if she saw me like this," Bam said, but it was no use, Hunter was already sleeping.

This would be the first and last time that he would be holding Hunter in his arms like this, he was sure of it. But the thing that stung him the most was that Hunter probably wouldn't remember anything of it in the morning. Sometimes memories can be the worst form of torture, and this would be a memory Bam never forgets.


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