first victim

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You were at school having a normal morning. As you were, Sonja past a note to you. It said:
"I don't trust that guy what's his name Kimizuki. Right when I left your house, he was their in the street with a knife, like he was gonna kill me. I want you to be careful. You're like a girlfr- I mean sister to me."

You looked at him with a don't worry face. You past the note back to him. This time, you put something there. It said:
"Don't worry Sonja. I bet that was someone trying to do a prank that knew us from that neighborhood. You're gonna be ok."

Sonja looked at you with a worry face like he doesn't trust you. You try to prove him wrong but all he does is just be scared.

Two hours has past. While you were getting your stuff, Sonja walked up to you. "Are you sure about him? I mean, he almost killed me." Sonja said. "You always think like your in a horror movie." you said as you walked out if class.

As you walked out of class, you already felt the atmosphere changed a lot. You immediately walked to lunch just so you don't have to starve or so you thought.

Kimizuki's pov

I was skipping class, but I'm doing this for a reason. The lunch ladies don't come to their stations before the bell rings for lunch. I walked inside the kitchen, and checked if anyone was there. I looked at the area where the knife is, so I went to go get one. I had gotten the sharpest one. Sonja will regret being with  (y/n).

Your pov

You sat down with your lunch in your hands. Sonja sat next to you close. He was still scared of Kimizuki.  Kimizuki walked up to us and said "hey guys. Sonja can I see you got a moment?" Kimizuki said. I see Sonja's leg shaking. He started walking with kimizuki, still his legs shaking.

Kimizuki's pov

I finally got Sonja to follow me. This is a perfect time to kill him. "So where are you taking me?" Sonja said. "Somewhere where we can be alone." I said.

I got him to place that is dark and quite small. "Do you have a flashlight? It's dark in here." Sonja said. "Nope. This is the way I like." i said as a stab Sonja in the back of him. I didn't need to use light just to know he's dead. I turned the lights on and dragged him to a music box I had prepared just for him. I was trying not to get caught by the teachers because of the blood stain. I made it to the boys locker room, and cleaned myself up.

I headed back to lunch and saw (y/n) there, talking to another guy. Looks like I have more things to do.

Your pov

You were talking to kotaki since Sonja and Kimizuki was gone. I look at  Kimizuki in the distance looking at me. That's just it, I don't see Sonja anywhere. "Um, excuse me for a moment kotaki." I said as I got up from my chair. "Hey where is Sonja?" you said. "He said that he needs to do something." Kimizuki said. You got confused. You rolled your eyes and grabbed his wrist and brought him to the table.

Time skip
Kimizuki's pov

I was walking downstairs from my house and see my little sister there, also awake. "Well you're up early." I said. "Sorry. I couldn't sleep." she said. "What about you?" "same thing." I said. Before she started again, there wad a knock at the door. My sister opened the door and what we saw there was the police officers.

"Is Kimizuki katashi here?" the officer said. "Yes sir. Come on in." my sister said as she opened the door wide for the officer. "May I help you?" I said. "Yes i like to know the disappearance of Sonja Wakatima." the officer said. "I told him I wanted to talk to him for a moment. We went to an area to talk where no one was there. I told him I wanted to do something special for a gurl named (y/n) (l/n)." i said. "Continue." the officer said. "While I was talking to him, he was looking at the knife in the cooking club. He walked towards to get the knife and told me to kill him. I said no, so he just decided to kill himself." I said.

"Is that it?" the officer said. "Yes sir. That is all." I said. The officer got up and walked out the door. I closed the door behind him. "You killed Sonja didn't you." my sister said. "Yep." I said. "Kimizuki!" she said. "Shiribo shut up. Mom and dad are sleeping." I said. "Oh you shut up you're the one who killed a guy." she said. "Just go to sleep." I said. She stomped to her room and so did I.

Hey guys! Sorry I was really busy with school. But anyways I hope you guys enjoy this chapter I really like the ending. So again sorry for the whole thing, but bye!~

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