Epilogue: The Freshman Four

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A joke on the Freshman Fifteen! This is more of a quick run through of Hailey and Matt's first year together! 

**Last chapter :oo I'm keeping this beginning part short because I'll be talking more in the next author's note chapter ;))


As soon as I stepped on to the bustling campus of the University in September, I could tell my first year was going to be a roller coaster ride. Luckily, I had a certain olive-eyed someone with me as I went through the big freshman five. 

Turns out Matt was more than just a cheeky smile. He's a pretty great boyfriend too.

1. M O V I N G  D A Y

"Did you bring your entire room with you?"

The question comes out in an exasperated sigh.

Matt's offered to help out with my moving into a dorm room at the university, but his crinkled eyebrows and tense jaw suggests a sort of regret. Admittedly, the white box he's carrying contains far more knit sweaters and distressed jeans than I need for the chilly fall weather.

"Nope," I protest cheerily, "Just my entire closet."

As Matt groans in response, I squeeze his biceps lightly as a joke. 

"It's time to show off the bad boys," I tease.

"You have a thing about 'bad boys,' don't you?" He chuckles, rolling his eyes at the memory of our beach trip.

"Apparently not," I sigh, throwing him a sideways glance, "since I'm with you."

"Good boys are bad boys that haven't been caught," Matt remarks with a wink, holding the door open.

"You didn't just use a 5sos lyric on me," I snort, quirking an eyebrow and ducking under his arm to enter the red, brick residence building

"That wasn't very smooth," he admits.

As I begin unloading items from the many storage bins we've brought, Matt perches on the side of the navy blue mattress.

"Now I'll probably be a frequent visitor," he pipes up, eyes following my movements, "so maybe keep the pack of Sour Patch Kids close to the door so I can swipe some."

I ponder this for a little while, chucking a gummy at his forehead. Amongst other things, we share a love for sour candy and I've brought a big bag with the intention of either snacking on them while studying or throwing them at Matt when we watch movies together.

"You'll have to come soon otherwise I'll eat them all." 

"Deal, are you free the next few days?"

"The room isn't really built for two," I joke, squeezing into the spot next to him. Stretched out, his legs occupy majority of the bed. 

He loops an arm around me as his lips graze my cheek lightly.

"That's a terrible excuse," he murmurs, making my heart flutter. "We could always go out, around town if you want."

"I'd be down to go somewhere now," I start, before taking in the mess in front of me with a groan, "if it weren't for these boxes."

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