Chapter 19: Vacay, Okay

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**This is pretty short and still needs to be edited and will likely be added to (so check it out again), but I really wanted to keep with the updates! :)) Please bear with me (I've been feeling a little under the weather recently) while I figure it out tomorrow too and make it better!


"You did what?" 

Emma screeches the question in disbelief, as a few heads from the surrounding tables swivel to glare at us. It's noon, the next day back in Toronto, and we're sitting in a small Italian restaurant for brunch. She's insisted upon our meeting as a welcome-back treat, but as it turns out, she's really more interested in the details of my departure.

"We kissed," I state simply, twisting a forkful of long spaghetti noodles and willing her to drop the subject.

"So why did you leave?" Emma nearly bursts out with a loud disappointed sigh but lowers her voice slightly. "You should have stayed at least for another day."

"It's not completely my fault," I protest, "He's leaving for the soccer retreat and I'll be leaving on vacation."

"Oh sure," Emma scoffs, rolling her eyes, "Have romance movies taught you nothing? There's usually some mad desperate dash from one of you."

"Well it won't be me," I reply firmly, "It was a summer thing, like Grease."

"Except there wasn't any final dance number or happy ending," she complains. 

"It's fine," I say quietly. If the last few months had taught me anything, it was to take things slowly.

Maybe if I told myself it enough, I'd believe it.


When I arrive back at the house, Arthur bounds down the stairs with enthusiasm. He's staying until the end of the week, when the Dewchesters will come to pick him up and the adults have lunch together, according to my mum.

"Hey Hail," he grins, "Free to watch a Disney movie?"

"Always." I can't help but smile back; it's either the comforting thought of animations on a screen, or that the dimples on his cheeks remind me of a certain someone.

Plopping down on the couch next to him, he studies me with an oddly serious expression.

"Do you like my brother?"

That was unexpected.  I nearly choke at his question and attempt to regain some level of control again, straightening before responding.

"You could say that."

"It's really a yes or no question," he states, raising his eyebrows. "I like movies. I like pizza. Now you try."

"I like -" I start, before closing my mouth. What am I doing? Relationship advice from a ten year old?

"That's okay," Arthur shrugs, staring ahead at the screen, "It takes time."

He says this knowingly and I chuckle a little in spite of myself.

"Anyway," he adds, "I'm always here."

"Glad to know that," I respond with a nod and a small smile.

"Hey Hailey," my mum's voice echoes for a moment in the hallway before her head pops around the corner. "I've put a suitcase in your room; you should start packing when you have a chance to."

"Will do," I call out, leaning back against the seat. "Soon."

"Pick some nice clothes, okay? Because you know," she pauses, attempting to suppress a smile before disappearing from the doorway, "photos and things like that. Anyway, I'll be on the phone with Tess in the study room if you need any help."

"So you're going on vacation?" Arthur asks, scratching his chin.

"Yup," I sigh.

"You don't sound happy about that."

"Well, I was having a pretty good summer vacation at your house, to be honest."

"You're welcome to visit any time," he offers politely, before adding mysteriously. "But we'll be away for vacation too soon."

As I head to my room and stand in front of my closet, I debate whether or not to toss a sundress in to my suitcase. But then another thought suddenly strikes me.

Vacation too? Is it a coincidence?


It wasn't.

At the end of the week, the Dewchesters pulled into our driveway. I was craning my head at all angles by the window in an attempt to see if Matt was there but it appeared, oddly enough, that the trunk was packed full and covered the view of the passenger seats.


And that was when Matt rounded the corner and my heart nearly paused for a moment, taking in his grin. He's holding a bouquet and my lips pull into a silly grin as I rush up to give him a hug and a peck on the cheek. It's only when I spot his dimples and sun-kissed skin that I realize how much I've been hoping to see him.

My eyebrows quirk up when I spot a suitcase in one hand.

"I think we have an uninvited guest," I jokingly call out. But my mum greets Tess and throws an approving glance over her shoulder before ushering everyone in.

Matt and I linger around on the driveway a little longer before he pipes up, "Nope."

"You're not staying over?" My eyebrows furrow in disappointment.

Chuckling in response, he ruffles my hair.

"We're all going on vacation," he remarks casually, before adding with a cheeky grin, "Better pack your bikinis Brookes."


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