HEY GUYS!!!!!!! Ok so first of all I'm incredibly sorry that I haven't updated in FOREVER. I'm just honestly having an intense amount of writers block, and have no idea how to start out the next chapter. I've been informed by a couple people that even thought the story is good, it's too much like the movie and needs to be changed up a little bit. I agree completely, but I got lost. Message me if you have any ideas.

In the mean time, I'm wondering if I should start a new story. Maybe writing something else will help other ideas for IDNMtMYLM story. The ones I'm willing to write about are:

-Daryl Dixon<3 (The Walking Dead)

-Castiel (Supernatural)

-Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

-Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

Mainly these four because I already have ideas as to which direction the story would go in and character ideas. Let me know!!

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