There's a Clown in my Bedroom

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Just to let you know, this story was real-life. It happened. I have exaggerated a little, especially at the end, and changed the names to protect the actual people who went through this.

"My numbers by the phone, and on speed-dial" Mrs Jones rattled on. 

"Thank you so much for baby sitting!" Mrs Jones added, smiling at Ellie.

"It's fine! Now go, you'll be late for the restaurant!" Ellie beckoned Mrs Jones towards the front door.

"Thank you again!" Mrs Jones got into the clean, shiny silver Ford Focus.

"We'll be back at around 9" Mr Jones shouted from the driver's seat.

"No need to rush! Just have fun" Ellie called out to them as they drove away.

When they turned the corner, and were out of sight, Ellie sighed and went into the living room where 8-year-old Alex sat playing with his old-fashioned trains. It was 7pm on a Saturday night, and there was a moon surrounded by tiny winkling stars.

"Are you okay Alex?" Ellie sat on the sofa in the spacious living room and watched Alex play.

"Yes thank you Ellie!" The boy politely replyed.

"Getting tired?" She asked

"NO!" Alex stopped what he was doing, and stared at Ellie.

It was almost convincing, except Alex gave a big yawn.

"Glass of warm milk?" Ellie got up to get him one before he even answered.

Ellie was a well known babysitter. She was 19, and taking her exams to become a child carer, and hopefully, run a successful business to do with child babysitting.

Ellie sighed tiredly, and got 2 mugs from the cupboard. She poured half a glass full of milk into each one, then put them both in the microwave for 30 seconds. Finally, the ping sound went and Ellie went back into the living room to see Alex curled up on the sofa.

"Here you go Alex." she gave him the warm milk which he took happily, and drank it down within seconds. Ellie did the same.

"Beddie-bys" Ellie stood up and picked Alex up.

"I'm NOT tired!" Alex protested, but he was too tired to wiggle out of my grip.

"Of cause you are" Ellie whispered.

She slowly walked up the stairs, and went into his room and laid him down on the bed.

His bedroom was small compared to his parents room.

He has a bunk bed which covered the main wall. His walls were covered with pictures of trains, and images of football players, with the odd picture of Pokemon: which he loved. He had a built in wardrobe, chest of drawers and a football themed armchair which was bigger than him. He had no bookshelves, nor cluster. Just 3 items in his bedroom, which he proffered, rather than having little room to play in.

"Night-night" Ellie smiled, and walked out of the room and went back down stairs.

Ellie put on the news before collapsing onto the sofa.

"Great, more crime in Siberia. We'll probably send over British soldiers over there" Ellie said sarcastically.

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