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I huffed, throwing myself into the car and slamming the door behind me. Why am I so annoyed you might ask? Well it started at our tour. Yes tour. I'm Niall Horan from One Direction. We are all on stage, answering questions people had tweeted in to us. It was Zayns turn to choose a tweet, and one caught his eye.

"Are Larry and Niam real?! I love them both!" Zayn read. Louis and Harry instantly went to each other, and Harry slung his arm round Louis. The crowd went crazy. Suddenly I felt an arm round my waist. Liam. The crowd cheered once again. I can't quite remember what happened for the rest of the concert, all I could think of was Larry and Niam. Larry and Niam should die. Why is it always them two ships all the time?! Don't get me wrong, I love Liam, but not in that way. However, I did like someone else. Harry. That is what annoyed me the most. Their bromance was better than mine and Liams anyway, but Louis and Liam both had girlfriends. Why couldn't Narry be given a chance?

"Larry and Niam should die?" I heard. I groaned, rubbing my eyes.

"What?" I moaned. I must've fallen asleep.

"You said Larry and Niam should die, what was that all about?" The voice said again. I opened my eyes to see 4 confused faces looking at me, and they must have had a confused face looking back at them.

"He must have been sleep talking again" Zayn said, grinning.

"Sleep talking? I sleep talk?" I asked panicking, I never knew that! Liam nodded sheepishly. Well yeah, he would know, if anyone has to share it tends to be us because of our bromance. I groaned.

"So you want Larry and Niam to die ayy Niall?" Harry asked with a cheeky grin on his face. "And what did you mean by Narry?" he continued, his grin growing wider. Narry?! Did I say that out loud?! Oh no, they're all going to find out now! I fidgeted around in my seat, not sure what to do with myself.

"Hey you alright mate? You seem a bit restless, and you haven't said alot?" Liam said, throwing his arm round my shoulders. I nodded.

"I just need the toilet" I lied. Well I needed to go to the bathroom, but that was because I felt sick from the topic of conversation. Harry can't find out I like him, or neither can any of the other boys for that matter.

"Well that's okay, we're here now" he said, glancing out the window at the hotel we were staying in. I jumped out of the car as it came to a halt and ran as fast as I could towards the entrance.

"Maybe he's jealous of Larry" I heard Louis say. That's right. I am, very much so.

"Maybe you could give Narry a go?" Zayn said. I didn't hear Harrys reply. I'm not sure I wanted to. I ran to my room, slamming the door and bolting it. I couldn't deal with vistitors right now, I needed to clear my head. Of course that would never happen. There was a knock at the door. I didn't reply, I wasn't in the mood. Whoever it was knocked again, louder and more frantic this time, whilst trying to open the locked door.

"Niall let me in!" They said. It was Harry. I sighed and heaved myself off the bed to open the door. I had barely unlocked the door when Harry flung in. He shut the door behind him and I bolted it again. Harry shot me a confused look but I ignored it.

"So what was that about Narry earlier?" He asked. Oh Crap. I can't do this. I remained silent but that only seemed to make him more curious.

"Niall?" He asked, his voice cracking slightly. I sighed.

"Hmm?" I mumbled, sitting down on my bed, looking down at my hands in my lap. I could sense Harry walking towards me. He sat down beside me and put his arm round my shoulder. I shivered at the contact. I snuggled slightly into his chest as he began running his hands through my hair. I could sit here all day like this.

"I really like you Niall" He said almost at a whisper, breaking into the silence. I froze. Did he just say that? I must be dreaming again. He would never say that...

"Niall!" he said causing me to break away from my thoughts. "Why won't you talk to me?!" He exclaimed, sounding quite sad and hurt.

"I like you too...It's just you don't like me in the same way I like you..." I said but then started mentally punching myself. Why did I say that?! He's gonna hate me now! I glanced up at him, to see his gorgeous brown eyes staring at me. Gorgeous eyes? Did I really just describe one of my best mates, who is a boy, with the word gorgeous?! I did. Why must this be so difficult?! Suddenly he lifted my chin towards his face, locking his eyes with mine. Our faces came closer and closer, soon our noses were touching. My breathing got heavier, what was he doing?! My thoughts were stopped when his lips came crashing down on top of mine…

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