Chapter 21

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[Love can conquer everything but doubt — for doubt can be only conquered by trust.]


"Ji Won, stop." Seung Jun sighed but it came off as a giggle. Ji Won smirked and continued making railways trails of kisses on the collarbone of his boyfriend.

Seung Jun let out a groan but it turned out to be a moan, Ji Won chuckled, "How can you complain when you are enjoying it as well?"

"Don't you have to go to the hospital?" Seung Jun asked, shooting a hot glare towards his lover.

Ji Won ruffled his hair, "Not in the mood to go. I mean, I can say that I was sick." Ji Won smirked, pushing Seung Jun on the bed and crawling on top of him.

Seung Jun reacted faster, he immediately slipped through the messy bed. This resulted in Ji Won kissing the bed.

"You're becoming too horny. Go work!" Seung Jun threw the doctor's clothes on him. Ji Won smiled, glad to know that they were back to they way they were before.

"Jun-ah~" A female voice spoke, the words rang throughout the house. Ji Won frowned, not understanding why there was a female in the house.

"Seung Jun? Are you home?" The voice spoke again, her tone was high-pitched and her accent seemed foreign. Ji Won got up and followed the voice to downstairs.

Ji Won was met with a lovely lady who seemed to be talking with his boyfriend. The female hugged Seung Jun and giggled. Ji Won glared at the woman.

"Huh? Who is this?" The woman finally seemed to have noticed the doctor who was shooting hard glares at her.

Seung Jun squirmed uncomfortably in the embrace of the woman and after much struggle, he was able to free himself. Seung Jun cleared his throat, "Ji Won, meet my friend Claire. Claire, this is Ji Won."

Claire pouted, "No fair! You didn't introduce me properly, let me do it myself." Claire clicked her heels and walked towards the doctor, "Nice to meet you. I am Seung Jun's girlfriend, Claire."

Ji Won scoffed and then slowly his frown turned into an evil smirk, "Nice to meet you too. I am Ji Won, Seung Jun's boyfriend."

In an instant, the smile was wiped from the face of the girl and she stuttered, "Ex-excuse me?"

Ji Won gave her an innocent look, "Excused."

The female who claimed to be the girlfriend of his boyfriend scoffed, "What the fuck?"

Ji Won wasn't an expert at English but he was good enough to understand what it meant. Ji Won continued to throw on his innocent face and blinked at the woman in a daze.

"Se-Seung Jun! What is he saying? Are you cheating on me?" Claire threw a dirty look towards the doctor, who did nothing but look blankly at her. Ji Won's eyes were challenging and mocking, he knew that Seung Jun loved him as much as he did; there was no doubt about it.

"Claire..." Seung Jun sighed, "...we were never dating, stop being delusional."

Claire scoffed, "Do you think I was an idiot to follow you here from Canada? Why can't you even look at me for once with love in your eyes?"

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