Chapter 3 - Maya

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The sun kissed my eyes gently, softly awaking me to a new day. I turned over to see him deep into his slumber and couldn't help yearning to touch him. I could feel my nature growing. He always did that to me which seemed unnatural at times.

As the sun continued its rise into the sky, I began working on provoking his personal, beautiful rise. With the sun heating, I crept slowly over to him, pausing to take in the sparkle of his mahogany skin—flecks of perfection that set my senses on fire.

My quiet trail of kisses on his bicep began to wake him. I continued my travels up his shoulder and on to his favorite spot—his supple neck. He started moving slowly into my kisses. I moved my hand under the sheet, between his legs to confirm my suspicions; he was definitely now awake.

He turned over and met my lips with his. Then his eyes looked deep into mine. I loved every bit of him. His eyes were a clear amberlicious-green, I liked to call it. They fed right into my growing flame. They always did.

I closed my eyes and allowed him to take control.

He reached around my bare ass and pulled it closer to him and I wrapped my leg tight around his hip, letting my cove kiss his awaken mass through his boxes. So softly and so gently. Like a rolling storm coming over the sea, I could feel my waves build, along with excitement. I was dying let him drown beneath those waves but before I could maneuver into position, he rollover on top of me, anchoring my body with his. Our legs locked for our own safe pleasing voyage.

His body was warm and heavy enough to trap me in his embrace.

A good morning kiss with our lips solidified our new, warm day. No matter how many years pass or how many times we let our bodies breathe together, each kiss always felt as if it was the first. His lips engulfed mine; his tongue massaged mine, just like the first time.

He took away his peachy kisses to use them on better places like my neck. Soft and slow. And then down on my breasts, circling my nipple with his delicate tongue. My very own natural disaster was growing between my legs and I didn't know how much longer I could keep it at bay.

I felt every inch of him rubbing between my legs. He was long and strong. My little hands were no match for him so I let her handle his weight. With his staff now pressing firmly between my extra pair of lips, I couldn't wait anymore.

I pulled him back to my face, while using just my fingertips to direct all of him inside me. He didn't hesitate to dive deep and deeper inside my cove.

I dug my nails into his lower back, coaching him to go even deeper and stronger. I needed to feel him stretch me wide. He didn't disappoint.

"Yes baby!" I whispered into his ear.

"Say it louder." He asked but I only responded, "Make me." He loved to be challenged.

But his mission wasn't that hard. I was seconds from hitting my peak. He backed up from between my legs, closed them and then with his now sweating body, forced them down on my chest.

"Give me your hands," he demanded of me. I gave him them and he placed them on the back of my thighs.

"Don't let go. Hold on tight."

I'm a great listener, one who prides herself in following directions to the "T", so I held down my own legs, anticipating his next steps. Then he took a lick right between the lips he almost forgot to kiss. I felt my body start to pulsate from the eruption taking over my body. With each taste he took, up and down, in and out, I felt my body start to tighten to release nothing. Great and strong vibrations ran through my body, but not before he joined in on my earthquake. Quickly he plunged back in, filling me and I tightened around his inches, making him come. What a perfect natural disaster our bodies made together.

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