"I hear by presume the defendant guilty," Judge Curtis spoke. My heart sank. My heart ran a mile a minute. I actually won a case.... My first case too....

That's how it all started. Now I'm 21, yeah I was quite a young lawyer then and now. A lot of mysterious things have been happening and I wasn't quite sure what was going on.

I was placed in my cubical just minding my own business until the all too fimilar boss walked in.

"Yes, Mr. Payne?" I ask nonchantly. You see, we don't get along that well, not sure why but it was a mutual dislike.

"You have a new patient. Mr. Malik," He says sternly. I half smile before scooting my chair back.

"Bring him in," I say happily. I love proving someone guilty. Yeah...yeah everyone's innocent until proven guilty, well my theory is if your accused of being guilty, there's a reason why.

The man finally came in. He had sleek black hair kind of into a quiff with big brown gorgeous eyes. He had tattoos here and there and had no expression on his face. He handed me the documents.

"I want you to prove he killed her," He says as I open the file. Well, well, well....If it isn't Mr. Styles again. He was my first ever case. The one I won. He was guilty and he will be this time.

"So he killed Perrie? You're wife....How come there's no evidence in here... no pictures no texts, no time or date?" I question confused of the lack of information.

"I called for a lawyer. I know he's guilty and I expect you to find evidence against it," Mr. Malik says. I raise an eyebrow.

"How do you know he's guilty?" I question.

"I asked for a lawyer and I expect one. You can make up shit. Play with the judge's mind," He says before standing up and leaving the cubical. I lean back in the chair just staring at where he was sitting.

A case with no evidence. What a thrill!

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