Chapter 11

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".... Eh?" You blinked as you sat on the couch casually, "So... I'm not participating due to that?" The elder nods, along with the other Elite Ten members in the room. "Fortunately, you are allowed to participate IF there is some sort of tie. If the person loses against you, obviously they will not be able to proceed, and same to you due to special circumstances." "I think I get it, gramps." You yawned, "I'm gonna go back to the dorm and sleep now, good day." You got up and wobbled out of the room before, "Are you sure it's necessary?" "I have seen how much it affects her body, which is why I don't have much of a choice. It is said in her files and so I must."

"Very well then, so who're the first contestants?"


"EHHHH!? THEY TOOK YOU OUT?!" You rubbed your ears in hope to clear the ringing in your ears, "Apparently I'm too good to do this kind of thing. Plus it's too troublesome to even stay standing while they eat and judge and all that stuff. I'd rather sleep." 'Of course you do, you always want to sleep.' They thought before you hobbled upstairs, "Good day everyone, and I'm rooting for you both." You waved before going into your room as it had a kotatsu in the center rather than the normal coffee table. "Ahhh~ Sleep time..." you crawled into the covers, blanketing yourswlf before you immediately dino-snored away.


"Eh? I don't see Lance-Sama anywhere." Hisako looked around in wonder as Erina sighed, "Most likely uninterested and is currently sleeping in her room, probably under the kotatsu I gave her last week." "Typical of her..." Hisako mumbles, 'But that's what makes her so lovable~' She added in her thoughts, until "Nooooo, let me go back to sleep, Fumio-baa-chan!" A childish whine was heard making everyone look in your direction as you were still in your bear pyjamas as you held a teddy bear with you.

"No young lady. You must attend for your friends and cheer them on." "Too troublesome... Besides, it's kind of obvious who will win." The elder lady sighs, "Matters not if you know who will win. It only matters if you attend along with everyone else." "Fiiiine~ I'll stay, but I'll go find some place to nap in." You hobbled by the rail, soon noticing the silver haired tanned teen. "Hayama-San~"

The tanned male turned around, nearly having a spurt of nosebleed as he saw you in your onesie, or costume as it seemed more like it. "Lance-San, hello." You immediately climbed onto his back, resting you chin on his shoulder, "I'm sleeping here since Obaa-Chan won't let me stay and sleep." Immediately your infamous dino-snores were heard before the boy could even reply.

He sighs, looking at you once more before his eyes trailed back to the kitchen showdown below, although he made sure to hold your lightweight body so you don't fall off of him. The crowd was unfortunately making it hard to fall asleep and it didn't help when there's the announcer as well. 'A pain in the ass with all this noise.' You groaned, burying your head into his shoulder in annoyance, making him look at you.

"Too loud... I don't like it." You grumbled out, staring intently at the match in front of you, 'Ali-Chan's Bento looks more like a sushi display while Sou-Chan's seems more like an advanced lunchbox that kids could bring to school... but it's obvious that Sou-Chan will be victorious by a huge margrin.' You then blinked at the sight of the director, "Ah, he's shirtless." "Hmm?" Hayama looked at the director, before his eyes widen in surprise, quickly he covered your innocent eyes although, 'Man, look at those pecs man. And those biceps tho, like daaaaamn.' A little too late now, Hayama.

"Round 1, Match 1; Winner is Yukihira Souma!" 'Fumio-baa-chan owes me cake tonight.' Was all you thought as you covered your ears from the noise. 'Now it's Megumi's match this time... Poor child.' You thought, 'Old man will probably go bare, but on a different area.' You theorised before snuggling into Hayama once more, "Comfy..." You yawned as you clutched onto the teddy tightly, "Megumi, do your best-Zzz..." "She's out cold." The tanned teen shifted you in a more comfier position as he took a seat in front, rarely anyone in the small part of the area surprisingly. His eyes stared at you slightly drooling face, but it kept your baby cheeks and adorableness.

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