Chapter 76

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We got home around two am, and I was so thankful to just fall straight into my bed. I felt slightly better, knowing that there was some sort of explanation for my illness and that I wasn’t pregnant. I hadn’t realised how much it was secretly worrying me.

I heard my mom check on Joshua as I lay down into my bed – and that was my last thought of the night. I fell asleep almost immediately afterwards.

I had hoped to be able to lie in the following day, but was woken abruptly at nine am by a message off of Vicki, saying that she was off school on account of ‘stress’ and was coming over to see me after my ordeal.

I ended up having to drag myself out of my warm bed, shower hurriedly and was just about to get dressed when my mother shouted up the stairs to tell me that Vicki had arrived and was ordering me to get dressed – we were going to the movies.

At first I was hesitant – but I knew that my mom would pressure me to go if I tried to avoid it. She’d say that it was good for me, and that I needed to escape for a few days and unwind. I soon raced around my room to find an outfit and quickly put some light makeup on.

Vicki was just about to shout up the stairs for me again as I descended in a disorderly fashion.

“You’re ready…finally” she laughed as I entered the living room and we made our way out of the house. She was looking at me deeply – and I could tell that she was waiting for an explanation,

We made our way to her car across the street, and she soon opened the door. Sitting down quickly, I put my seatbelt on and closed the door. I turned to Vic to smile, btu still she had a look on her face that was almost demanding in that it wanted to know what was going on.

“So,” she began as she started the engine and drove off. “Are you pregnant? Or?”

“Nope. They said it was stress and exhaustion” I smiled smugly, finally happy that they were all wrong about that.

She raised her eyebrows as she shook her head.

“What?” I laughed, growing somewhat nervous.

“I don’t know, I mean, they didn’t even mention it?”

“She mentioned it – asked me if I was dating anyone and if I could possibly be pregnant” I told Vicki, trying to think back to the night before. I’d been so tired I could hardly remember a thing.

“But, no test was given?” Vicki frowned, confused.

“No, I told her that I’d just finished my period. I mean, I hadn’t, but I’m due and I have the usual symptoms” I exhaled, beginning to see that Vicki would not take lightly to that. “She may have offered on though” I added, sheepishly.

“So, basically, you still don’t know if you’re pregnant or not?” she asked, somewhat disappointedly. “Charlotte, those symptoms could be because you’re pregnant. I think you should take a test.”

“No” I stated bluntly. “I’m not pregnant.”

“You have no proof of that though.”

“I’m telling you Vic, I’m not pregnant” I said, beginning to sound a little argumentative. I looked out the window to hide just how angry I was becoming.

“Well, if you’re so adamant that you aren’t, take a test, you’ve got nothing to lose. And you seem pretty adamant” she smirked, knowing that she was exactly right in her words.

“No” I laughed in a sort of whine. “No way.”

“It’s because you’re scared that you are, isn’t it?” she raised her eyebrows, looking at me.

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