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"Flight OZ532 to London is now boarding on Gate 10C"

Minwoo looks up from his newspaper and checks his watch again, the third time that day. He glances towards the hallway just infront of the coffee shop he was sitting, nursing his second cup of coffee, whilst waiting for his flight, which to his exasperation, will not come till an hour from now. Sighing heavily, he takes a sip of his coffee and goes back to reading his newspaper. There was not much change in the news the past few days but, Minwoo wanted to know what was happening in the business world just the same, especially the stocks, since his company relies on them more than he'd like to admit.

Ah business, business, business.

That's all he's been thinking about lately.

Nothing much to think about, if people would ask him, in all honesty, life hasn't been anything but uneventful.

Just the usual.

The usual.

As Minwoo sighs once more over his thoughts, a quiet voice shakes his attention. He looks up from his reading and sees a girl smiling at him.

"Hi" she says, her voice gentle while she holds unto her bag, "is this seat taken?" she motions to the chair right infront of Minwoo.

Minwoo looks around the coffee shop, it was full, and only the seat infront of him was free. He looks back at the girl, nods and smiles.

The girl opens her mouth and takes of her shades, "Minwoo?" she says disbelievingly.

Taken a back, Minwoo looks at the girl closely and sucks his breath in.


"Kate." He says breathlessly, "Wow, hey." he says standing up from his seat.

She smiles widely, places her bag on the empty chair and spreads out her arms.

Minwoo smiles just as widely at this, the image was too familiar.

He walks towards her embrace and inhales her scent.


She tightens the hug a little, "It's been a while." she whispers into his ears.

Closing his eyes he turns his head and whispers, "It has."

A few seconds later they break apart, Kate holds onto Minwoo's arms for a little while, looks straight into his eyes and smiles, eyes observing his face, she squeezes his arms and then let go.

Minwoo looks at her face as she did this, her eyes he remembers so well, sparkles in a way that was quite reminiscent of something he could never forget; her face bright, beautiful, as it always has been. His hands itch to reach out to touch her cheeks, glowing with color, radiant like he has always hoped it would be.

"Can I sit with you?" Kate asks taking her bag from the empty seat and smiling at Minwoo, eyes expecting.

Minwoo scratches his head a bit, almost shy and embarrassed, "Ofcourse." he says clearing up at table a little and moving his coffee cup to his side whilst taking the newspaper and folding it.

They both sit down and Minwoo fidgets a little on his seat, "How long has it been?" he asks, his voice quivering a little, he clears his throat and places the newspaper on his bag right beside his seat.

Kate fixes her hair; they were longer now, with locks near the end, "4? 5? Almost 5 years I think." She says laying her sunglasses, which was purple, Minwoo notes on his head, on the table.

"Oh, wow, it's really been a while." Minwoo says nodding his head.

Kate smiles nodding as well, as a waiter stand right next to them to lay down Kate's coffee.

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